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On 24 May 1913 a meeting took place at the Grove Hotel, Wallasey where members of three local golfing societies, Grove, Warren and West Wirral, met to discuss their logistical problems of having to play their golf on the congested 9 holes of the Warren Municipal.  They agreed to combine their resources and lease a piece of land between Leasowe Road and the River Fender to form a new 9 hole course. Within three months the new club was ready for action and on 16 August 1913 the first Captain, S Forsythe, drove off to inaugurate Bidston Golf Club.

Ten years later the club leased a further piece of land between the railway and the River Fender and in 1924 the course was extended to 15 holes. In the following year the course became a full 18 holes which was to remain unchanged until World War II. Like many other courses Bidston had to sacrifice some of its land for farming and 15 acres were given over to the local farmers for ploughing and sowing oats. In the early 1950s the construction of the Leasowe housing estate caused the loss of the view over the sand-hills but, conversely, provided an access which alleviated the problem of members relying on railway staff to open the level crossing gates at Bidston station.

The construction of the M53 Motorway in the late 1960’s deprived the club of 20 acres of land and the course layout had to be changed. Compensation for the loss of the land helped the club to maintain its facilities which had taken a serious blow following a disastrous clubhouse fire in 1972. However, the future of the club was secured in 1992 when the members were able to purchase the lease of the land and in the following year a new entrance from Bidston Link Road was opened. This allowed the club to close off the Scoresby Road access to all but pedestrians thus eliminating the annoyance of vehicular traffic crossing the course. The development of several plantations of trees has helped to restore the character and definition of the course.

Bidston was not amongst the 20 clubs listed in the Society records for 1939 and it is assumed that they joined around 1949. They have had strong links with the administration of the Society in two eras, the most recent being through the Immediate Past Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, Eddy Hampson. The Society is indebted to Eddy for his hard work and also to the staff of Bidston Golf Club who provided the back-up secretarial facilities. Bill Lodge was Captain of Bidston in 1950 and 1951 and served as the Society Treasurer for 7 years before he was elected Society Captain in 1958/59. Doug Cox was the second Bidston Captain to serve as Captain of the Society in 1998/99 and has served on the Committee for many years.


1913 S Forsythe 
1914  S Forsythe
1915  S Forsythe 
1916  C H Drake 
1917  E T Tetley 
1918  A Evans 
1919  J W Newsome 
1920  A C Tetley 
1921  W H Richards 
1922  C F Bier 
1923  D R Davies 
1924  G Gourley 
1925  C Collard 
1926  J P Crooke 
1927  W A Walker 
1928  E Totty 
1929  J Samuel 
1930  H E Taylor 
1931  D Kirkpatrick 
1932  H Birley 
1933  H Stewart 
1934  R Hogg 
1935  E W Carr 
1936  C H Fry 
1937  J A Devlin 
1938  W O Hannaford 
1939  C L Kemp 
1940  C L Kemp
1941  C L Kemp 
1942  C L Kemp
1943  C L Kemp 
1944  C L Kemp
1945  C L Kemp 
1946  S J O'Connell
1947  W A Eilbeck 
1948  G E Denson 
1949  W J Jones 
1950  W Lodge 
1951  W Lodge 
1952  G V Carlyle 
1953  G W P Shaw 
1954  R Y Knagg 
1955  B Murphy 
1956  B Murphy 
1957  W Jones 
1958  W H Connerton 
1959  W H Connerton 
1960  J L Richardson
1961  E C Williams 
1962  J D Hislop 
1963  M D Jackson 
1964  E D Jones 
1965  D E Williams 
1966  P Kennerley 
1967  W E Daniels 
1968  W E Daniels
1969   N C Bragg
1970  C J Clissold 
1971  T Cole 
1972  W E Leigh 
1973  R Worsnip 
1974  T Doherty 
1975  S Davenport 
1976  G J W Moss 
1977  P G Bargery 
1978  G S Weatherilt 
1979  F C Jones 
1980  E J Clare 
1981  S I Scrimshaw 
1982  D A Tew 
1983  J J Tracey 
1984  W G Broster 
1985  D Cox 
1986  F Taylor 
1987  E Miller 
1988  J L Forbes 
1989  G H Mackey 
1990  B L Voller 
1991  J Milton 
1992  R T E Atkin 
1993  G C Totty 
1994  R W Melvin 
1995  D Simcoe 
1996 N W Reid 
1997  E Hampson 
1998  E W Cull 
1999  T C Birkett 
2000 J G Daly 
2001  J P Kinder 
2002  W P Colebourne 
2003  M Gerrie 
2004  S C T Jones 
2005  J E Morris 
2006  R H Woods 
2007  N G Vasper 
2008  G M Harvey 
2009  C J Taylor 
2010  R Brooks 
2011  G Cockroft 
2012  M James 
2013  S C T Jones 
2014  J R Smith 
2015  T Birks
2016  B L Voller 
2017  D Parsons 
2018  R Clague 
2019  A E Chatterley 

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