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Like many golf clubs, the early days of Bromborough are not accurately recorded. Their Centenary book refers to a meeting at a Bromborough school in 1903 at which a plan was agreed to form a club on a 9 hole course that had been built by the Hassall family who were local farmers. It was decided that the annual subscription should be one guinea and the initial membership target of 100 was soon reached. In 1904 a local landowner, Major Herbert Lancelyn Green, was elected as the first Captain and in the following year his daughter became the first Captain of the Ladies Section.

The Hassall family were tenants of the Earl of Shrewsbury who owned the land and who subsequently sold it to William Hesketh Lever in 1911. He later became the first Viscount Leverhulme whose interest in golf continued through three successive Viscount Leverhulmes until the death of the last holder of the title in 2000. William Hesketh Lever was elected the first club President in 1912 and the Presidency continued through William Hulme Lever and Philip William Bryce Lever the second and third Viscounts. William Hulme Lever was Captain for three successive years from 1920 to 1922 and Philip William Lever was Captain in 1949. The latter generously donated two acres of land to the club on which to build a new Clubhouse. The Leverhulme estates still own most of the land through a family Trust.

Golf was suspended during the first World War and in 1915 the old clubhouse was converted by the Red Cross into a military hospital. It was fitted out with some of the most modern equipment available at that time with accommodation for an average of 160 beds. A total of 1,245 patients were treated at the hospital before it was handed back to the golf club in 1919.

The restoration of the golf course after the war coincided with its expansion from 9 to 18 holes and the clubhouse, built after the original had been destroyed by fire in 1910, was extended and improved. The club enjoyed a period of relative stability until war again intervened in 1939. This time the impact was even more severe due to its proximity to Hooton aerodrome and the whole course was lost to the war effort. Concrete roads were constructed to build a base for the American forces and the course was used as a build-up for the D-Day landings in France.

Britain’s first motorways were built in 1955 and golf courses were prime targets for the new routes. In the late 1960’s Huyton & Prescot and Bromborough simultaneously lost land to their respective local authorities and both were fortunate to be compensated with new land and new holes designed by Hawtree & Son. Bromborough lost four holes to the M53 and was temporarily reduced to 15 holes until re-opening in its present form in 1972. Good course management and tree planting since then have created one of the most testing courses on the Wirral, producing some outstanding men and women golfers and being regularly used by The Cheshire County Union for its competitions.

Bromborough was a founder member of the Society and has produced three Captains, Frank Hayes (1964/65), Harry Wellings (1981/82) and David Kerr (1994/95).

1904 H L Green
1905 H L Green
1906 R Johnson
1907 R Johnson 
1908 Z I Bradbury 
1909 C H Bushell 
1910 W S Williamson 
1911 S G Wood
1912  S M Hutchinson 
1913  H Montgomery 
1914  W Johnston 
1915  W Johnston  
1916  W Johnston  
1917  W Johnston  
1918  W Johnston  
1919  W Johnston  
1920  Hon W Hulme Lever 
1921  Hon W Hulme Lever  
1922   Hon W Hulme Lever 
1923  T S Fogg 
1924  H F Fernie 
1925  L Ravenscroft 
1926  J A Bewley 
1927  G S MacKay 
1928  F Buckley 
1929  G A L Green 
1930  A J Hodgson 
1931  J E Gordon 
1932  F J Baslam 
1933  R F Hindle 
1934  A Davies 
1935  H G Alexander 
1936  W Lees Evans 
1937  J Wilson 
1938  L O B Harding 
1939  D G H Jones 
1940  D G H Jones  
1941  D G H Jones  
1942  D G H Jones  
1943  D G H Jones  
1944  D G H Jones  
1945  D G H Jones 
1946  D G H Jones  
1947  D G H Jones  
1948  D G H Jones  
1949  Hon P W Lever 
1950  J E Hassall 
1951  G Wallace 
1952  F D Hayes 
1953  T T Lunt 
1954  C Dalzell 
1955  W N Stokoe 
1956  W G Cheshire 
1957  R D Dowell 
1958  M F Yarwood 
1959  R G French 
1960  H W Morgan 
1961  G B Brigham 
1962  T Kennan 
1963  L Harrison 
1964 W Fairclough
1965  J R Dodds 
1966  W Lomas 
1967  A M Moult 
1968  H Wellings 
1969  F Aspden 
1970  C W Hancock 
1971  C H Mohin 
1972  E P Lancashire 
1973  W H Jones 
1974  L R Graham 
1975  J Harper 
1976  H Nicholson 
1977  N F Nathanson 
1978  Dr D B Kerr 
1979  E A Kimpton 
1980  T H Griffiths 
1981  M Robertson 
1982  N M Edwards 
1983  P E Jones 
1984  A Smith 
1985  L H Anderson 
1986  C A Abbott 
1987  G A Hughes 
1988  J W Horrigan 
1989  J Neville 
1990  A Rimmer 
1991  J Forbes 
1992  R J Taylor 
1993  T Collins 
1994  A P Brady 
1995  K D Bowman 
1996  N H Withers 
1997  D M Griffiths 
1998  Dr M R O'Neill 
1999  D A Griffiths 
2000  W H Range 
2001  A S Mackay 
2002  W Lally 
2003  C J Garrett 
2004  B D Gainer 
2005  J P Jones 
2006  T D Holmes 
2007  D Faulkner 
2008  P J Stones 
2009  G W Scott 
2010  R J Evans 
2011  D H Munro 
2012  P Darch 
2013 J J Colligan 
2014  M G Heathfield 
2015  H Dawson
2016  J Graham 
2017  R Newnes 
2018  B L Dingwall 
2019  H L Jones 

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