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Caldy Manor Estate Limited was formed in 1906 to purchase and develop the 600 acres of heath and farmland known as Caldy Manor. The Company planned to create a pleasant residential village with only one shop and individual building plots of at least one acre. A golf course was deemed to be an attractive amenity for residents and their friends and Jack Morris, the first professional at the nearby Royal Liverpool Golf Club, was paid a fee of one and a half guineas to design the 9 holes. All of the holes were to the West of the railway line with the River Dee as the other main boundary.

The first meeting of the Golf Committee was held on 31 July 1907 and it decided that the club should be a private one and that the original shareholders should be Life Members. Ladies should be permitted to use the course under the usual conditions imposed by local clubs. Sunday play was not permitted for many years and then only after 12.30pm and the clubhouse was not open for refreshments. It was 25 years before the first bar was introduced in 1932 for the sale of intoxicating liquors.

In 1908 a cottage style clubhouse was built near to the present 6th green and is still clearly recognisable as part of the private house now adjacent to the 7th tee. In 1909 the club contributed to the cost of building a new railway station nearby and this was to prove a popular means of transport for members and visitors. It was not until 1925 that the men had the use of a locker room, built as a separate structure to the east of the clubhouse.  The ladies had to wait until the early 1950s to get theirs on the opposite side.

By 1920 the Estate Company had agreed to allow the golfers to run their own affairs and o ered to rent the land to them. The following year a private Members club was formed with membership limited to 200 Full Members and 100 Lady Associates. In 1923 the Estate Company offered to sell the 50 acres of land and the clubhouse and this offer was accepted. A further 50 acres on the other side of the railway were bought in 1929 and James Braid was commissioned to design an additional 9 holes. His fee of 10 guineas proved to be money well spent and in 1931 the club became an 18 hole course.

The crumbling cliffs along the River Dee boundary have been a concern for many years and remedial work has been expensive and, hopefully, successful. A further protection for the future has been the astute purchase of extra land which also enabled the clubhouse to be moved to its present site in 1974. A major upgrade in 1998 created a fine clubhouse to match an enjoyable golf course in a superb location.

Although the club celebrated its Centenary in 2007 its Captains are only listed from 1920 when it became a private Members club. Prior to that date it would appear that the office of Captain was not filled annually and only two names are recorded.  There is also uncertainty as to when the club joined the Society of Liverpool Golf Captains and the first time that Caldy appears in the Minute Book is 1949. Despite this late entry into the Society, Caldy has made up for lost time having produced four Society Captains, Ken Adams (1961/62), David Evans (1977/78), Jack Ormrod (1991/92) and most recently Philip Bailey (2015/16).

1920 A O Lowry
1921 A O Lowry
1922 H Williamson
1923 F Brocklehurst
1924 F Brocklehurst
1925 C A Wallworth
1926 A H Steinthal
1927 R Wilson
1928 H K Holden
1929 A E Brown
1930 A E Brown
1931 F B Brown
1932 J M Marshall
1933 J L Hagger
1934 W Mitchell
1935 D Mathieson
1936 E G Miller
1937 W T Deacon
1938 J Dyer Simpson
1939 J Dyer Simpson
1940 J Dyer Simpson
1941 J Dyer Simpson
1942 J Dyer Simpson
1943 J Dyer Simpson
1944 E S Doran
1945 E S Doran
1946 E S Doran
1947 E O Morris
1948 K Adams
1949 P A Goodwin
1950 J W G Purser
1951 C Hilton Spence
1952 G L Grant
1953 H E Anderson
1954 P S Cooper
1955 T D Woods
1956 D W Evans
1957 F Huth Jackson
1958 M W Coventry
1959 C S Brown
1960 J T Jones
1961 J D Neal
1962 G Elston
1963 R H Campbell
1964 C B Burrows
1965 C A Steinthal
1966 A D Sheppley
1967 N M Quayle
1968 B F Holden
1969 R C M Reid
1970 J R Spencer
1971 R P Booth
1972 B M Frazer
1973 G D Scarrow
1974 A L Speight
1975 A R Widdowson
1976 J L Filer
1977 W H Taverner
1978 E J Ormrod
1979 J M Shennan
1980 G M Hehir
1981 G I Crutchley
1982 J W Bolton
1983 D W Norman
1984 K W Stafford
1985 R G Roberts
1986 R B Ellison
1987 J M Mickle
1988 A E Proffitt
1989 G Latham
1990 J Meecham
1991 R F Dulson
1992 M Garrett
1993 P J Pugh
1994 R Simm
1995 R W Fairclough
1996 J J Marchbank
1997 N H Ellis
1998 P M Bailey
1999 R W Walker
2000 P A Chesham
2001 H Pearson
2002 W F S Neillie
2003 D J Payne
2004 R H Carruthers
2005 B S McCartney
2006 D A R Reid
2007 R J Beswick
2008 P W H Stafford
2009 A J Almond
2010 I C Free
2011 P R D Humphrey
2012 R J Diprose
2013  N Wilson 
2014  M R Pennington 
2015  M L Hayman
2016  A Bickerstaffe 
2017  D Crinson 
2018  J Crosby 
2019  C S Litherland 


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