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Childwall Golf Club has occupied three sites and has undergone three name changes since its formation in 1912. It started life as a nine hole course on the meadows bounded by Speke Road, Watergate Lane and Macketts Lane. The course was owned by Peter McGuffie, a wealthy ship owner, who had bought Woolton Hall, a former Molyneux family country house and opened it as the Woolton Hall Hydro Hotel. He built the golf course for the benefit of his family and the Hotel guests and in 1912 a group known as the Hydro Links players was formed and were allowed to use some rooms in the stable block. On 15 March 1913 they changed their name to the Woolton Hall Hydro Golf Club.

When the Hotel closed in 1915 the golfers operated the course under licence and in 1917 they obtained a five year lease and dropped the word Hydro from the title. At the expiry of the lease on 31 December 1921 the Council was unable to agree satisfactory terms with the McGuffie family and in the following year they found a new site leasing 52 acres from the Marquess of Salisbury. In May 1922 the name was changed to The Childwall Golf Club and twelve holes were opened followed by another six holes constructed two years later on an extra 24 acres of land.

In 1935 a new Town Planning scheme, plus the desire of Lord Salisbury to dedicate part of the course as a site for a voluntary Hospital, caused another change of location. This proved to be the defining moment in the club’s history because the members were able to raise £8,000 to purchase the 204 acres Holt Hall Farm estate and to instruct James Braid to design the 18 hole layout. In 1938 W H Baines, the Town Clerk of Liverpool, laid the foundation stone of the new Art Deco style clubhouse which was formally opened by the Lord Mayor on 10 June 1939. The forecast at that time was that one day the course would be one of the finest parkland courses in the area, an accurate prediction.

Childwall’s initial application to join the Society was rebuffed on 17 June 1926 when the Committee met at 6 pm on the day of the Annual Competition.  The record in the Minute Book states “It was regretted that the application from Childwall GC for membership could not be entertained.  The Committee did not see their way to increase the numbers”. As only 45 cards were taken out that day and 36 men sat down to dinner this would appear to have been a surprising decision. One can only speculate that the Committee might have been anxious to get back to the bar rather than have a long deliberation on the merits of Childwall’s case! However, a second application coupled with Grange Park on 2 May 1931 met with a more favourable response.

Childwall has produced three Society Captains, Jack Stanway Johnson (1962/63), George Morrow (1978/79) and John McAuley (2004/05). Jack Stanway Johnson played a signifcant role in the development of the Society having served as Honorary Secretary/Treasurer for a period of 35 years. Following his retirement he was elected as Honorary Life President of the Society and in the following year he presented a trophy bearing his name.

1913  H H Longhurst 
1914  H H Longhurst  
1915  A E Noon 
1916  E Harrison 
1917  E Harrison  
1918  E Harrison  
1919  E Harrison  
1920  T Blake 
1921  G Henshaw 
1922  E Ward 
1923  W Treneman
1924  J F Taylor
1925  C E Williams 
1926  H E Cubley 
1927  D Downey 
1928  D C Sloss 
1929  J G Petrie 
1930  D C Sloss 
1931  S H Foreman 
1932  S H Foreman 
1933  J P Green 
1934  G A Strong 
1935  J R Green 
1936  G W Robertson 
1937  G W Robertson 
1938  A F Bennett 
1939  A F Bennett 
1940  A F Bennett  
1941  C T Doyle
1942  C T Doyle
1943  C T Doyle 
1944  T Roberts 
1945  T Roberts  
1946  T Roberts 
1947  F Heap 
1948  F Heap 
1949  J M Kennan 
1950  I Legge 
1951  I Legge 
1952  L Hobson 
1953  L Hobson 
1954  J Stanway Johnson 
1955  L W Lewis 
1956  E Lunt 
1957  J O Preston 
1958  W V Hurst 
1959  H D Hughes 
1960  D J Dennehy 
1961  H S Jennins 
1962  A L Knipe 
1963  S E Smith 
1964  G Haslam 
1965  A Metcalf 
1966  G E Williams 
1967  G E Morrow 
1968  G H Roberts 
1969  G H Roberts 
1970  C W Walton 
1971  T M Brown 
1972  P T Stephenson 
1973 C J C Haimes 
1974  A J Neale 
1975  G R Byrne 
1976  H G O'Kane 
1977  N E McCormack 
1978  J Chambers 
1979  A Mackenzie 
1980  S J Bradbrook 
1981  D C Elliott 
1982  A W Booth 
1983  Dr I G Bogle 
1984  Dr P M Kinloch 
1985  P H Critchley 
1986  W J Williams 
1987  K Hall 
1988  J H McAuley 
1989  B Hannaby 
1990  L W Kirk 
1991  D N Booth 
1992  A Doherty 
1993  C W Scarisbrick 
1994  S Huxtable 
1995  S E Murphy 
1996  J D McMillan 
1997  A J Rawlinson 
1998  R J Worsley 
1999  D S Williams 
2000  T B Lawrence 
2001  S J Tamlin 
2002  E Hogan 
2003  J D Cunningham 
2004  A H Gardner 
2005  A Gibson 
2006  Dr R B Jones 
2007  A F Croxford 
2008  G R Ferguson 
2009  L M Lee
2010  G J Pate 
2011  W E Maitland  
2012  P C Quinn
2013  G Callaghan 
2014  S A Landon 
2015  T Gibson 
2016  J E Birchall 
2017  J A Turner 
2018  Dr T S Kinloch 
2019  P Bibby 


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