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On 4 January 1922 a meeting took place in the Orrell Council Offices when it was resolved that a golf club be formed and that it should be known as the Dean Wood Golf Club.

Later meetings took place in the more informal surroundings of the Abbey Lakes Hotel and the Stag Inn. Subscriptions were initially fixed at £2 for men and £1 for ladies. The Chairman of the first meeting was Mr R O Hall who subsequently became the first Captain of the club.

In the absence of proper facilities the original members had to make do with nails driven into an oak tree but fairly soon a wooden clubhouse was built at a cost of £175. It was constructed on the site of the present greenkeeper’s bungalow by the 13th tee but was later replaced by a new two storey clubhouse off Lafford Lane. This in turn was demolished in the late 1980s to make way for the present clubhouse.

Like many golf courses Dean Wood was constructed with 9 holes which started on the present 13th hole and finished at the present 12th. In 1932 it was decided to extend the course to 18 holes and James Braid was commissioned to design the extra 9 holes. It is said that he saved the life of the crucial oak tree on the second hole for which he should be remembered with gratitude.

A handbook published in 1933 described the course and its surroundings as follows:

“The course itself offers an excellent day’s golf made all the more enjoyable by some splendid views and a bracing atmosphere. For the first few holes the quaint old village of Upholland is constantly in view but beyond number 5 one feels that the real open country has been reached and with it some of the finest views in the district. On the one hand is rolling well-wooded country stretching to Rivington and its surrounding hills of Anglezarke, whilst on the other hand is the Billinge-Ashurst Ridge, with St Joseph’s College standing out prominently. In between, the Douglas Valley presents a pretty picture.”

Tony Coop served as club professional for 45 years until his retirement in 1999 when he was elected as an Honorary Life Member. He achieved national fame in the 1960s with his performances in the Open Championship and he has played an active part in the Liverpool and District Golfing Alliance.

On 22 April 1954 the Society Committee accepted the application from Dean Wood to join the Society of Liverpool Golf Captains. The club has been a staunch supporter of the Society and its Captains have won the Leverhulme Salver on four occasions to date. In 1990 Norman Whittaker was elected as the first Captain of the Society from the Dean Wood club and has since been followed by David Morris in 2009.

1922 R O Hall 
1923  R O Hall 
1924  K Fraser 
1925  K Fraser 
1926  K Fraser  
1927  K Fraser  
1928  W A Halton 
1929  W A Halton 
1930  W H Lown 
1931  W D Platt 
1932  R Ball 
1933  R Ball 
1934  T A Rathbone 
1935  T A Rathbone  
1936  J Ball
1937  W G Pigot 
1938  J Mason 
1939  D H Hartley 
1940  D H Hartley 
1941  D H Hartley 
1942  D H Hartley
1943  S Rathbone
1944  S Rathbone 
1945  S Rathbone 
1946  W Crabtree
1947  A McCormack 
1948  J Hitchen 
1949  J Hitchen 
1950  F C Simm 
1951  F C Simm 
1952  W Foster 
1953  J A Atherton 
1954  A C Short 
1955  A C Short 
1956  C A Worswick 
1957  J S Whittle 
1958  J S Whittle 
1959  F Alker 
1960  H M Harrison 
1961  R P Heaton 
1962  F M Partlin 
1963  J R Baxter 
1964  J R Baxter 
1965  J R Baxter 
1966  T J Gaskell 
1967  I H Coop 
1968  I H Coop 
1969  R E Spencer 
1970  J A Mangnall 
1971  M E Richards 
1972  M E Richards 
1973  G R Millar 
1974  E J Marsden 
1975  A S Doig 
1976  E Miller 
1977  K Parkin 
1978  A Gaskell 
1979  D C Williams 
1980  J Speakman 
1981  N Whittaker 
1982  J Hatton 
1983  R H Pheasant 
1984  J Nelson 
1985  L Jones 
1986  R Morris 
1987  G R Millar 
1988  J Dawber 
1989  J Clooney 
1990  J Wilcock 
1991  W H McCrea 
1992  J K Brown 
1993  J Sweeney 
1994  A Pheasant 
1995  B J Wildman 
1996  R R Lang 
1997  P D Gore 
1998  D J Morris 
1999  F N Manley 
2000  W C Edwards 
2001  D B Allen 
2002  A D Cunningham 
2003  D W Hare 
2004  H Nelson 
2005  H Mawdsley 
2006  J E Delves 
2007  J D Oliver 
2008  R M Clayton 
2009  G J Simpkin
2010  I M Richardson 
2011  W S Molyneux
2012  T J Gore 
2013  I Compton 
2014  F J Stuart 
2015  G Rawsthorne 
2016  H Sweeney 
2017  Dr D S K Chang 
2018  A Crusham
2019  P J F Carletti 

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