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In his Centenary book the late Bert Fairclough referred to the theft of the original Minute Books which left historians with little information regarding the first 26 years of Grange Park Golf Club. Newspaper articles from that time have helped to establish that the first meeting of interested parties took place in 1890 at the home of Mr Benjamin Bradshaw Glover who was appointed Captain when the club was formed in the following year. The task of finding a suitable plot for a 9 hole golf course was given to Mr C H Jolliffe and he eventually located a 42 acre site on the south side of Prescot Road, opposite to the entrance of the present course. After using 24 Lugsmore Lane as a clubhouse for the first 10 years the men moved into the upper rooms of the Grange Park Hotel with the ladies in Grange Park Farmhouse.

The course was “marked out” by the Hoylake professional, John Morris, with the holes varying between 185 and 220 yards in length. The fortunes of the club suffered fluctuations during the early years with falling membership and shortage of funds which tempted the club Council in 1900 to accept a fee of £25 to allow the Royal Lancashire Agricultural Show to use the site. The success of the show was not shared by the club which was left with a major reconstruction problem after 15,000 spectators had trampled all over the tees and greens to watch horse jumping and similar activities.

On 22 April 1911 the club was incorporated into a Company Limited by Guarantee with a unique clause in its constitution. This stated that in the event of a winding-up any surplus assets would not be distributed among the members but would be given to some institution having similar objects, thus ensuring that the funds would be ploughed back into the game of golf. Two years later an extra 9 holes were added of which 8 were on the other side of Prescot Road and required the golfers to cross the road twice. The 1913 course of 18 holes would undergo a further 6 major transformations over the next 78 years. Changes of location and layout in 1923, 1927, 1957,1967, 1969 and 1991 have now established the course on the north side of Prescot Road with two loops of 9 holes.

The clubhouse from 1926 to 1957 was the Sycamores, an old Victorian Building in Prescot Road. The present clubhouse, built in 1957 at a cost of £25,000, has since been extended and refurbished. The land on which it stands was purchased from Pilkington Brothers and no mention of Grange Park would be complete without reference to this family. Having grown to be one of the world’s leading producers of flat and safety glasses as well as providing employment to the local population, Pilkington Brothers has also been generous to the golf club. In 1968 Lord Pilkington agreed that his Company would sell the leasehold interest in the course for £40,000 and for the ensuing 999 years the club will hand over a red rose as “rent” each Midsummer. Following the death of Lord Pilkington, the Chairman of the Company is now the regular recipient of this traditional gift.

Grange Park joined the Society in 1931 and has produced three Captains, Ben Spaven (1960/61), Leslie Stewart(1975/76) and John Currie (1999/2000). Leslie Stewart also served as President of the Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs and in the 1952 Open Championship John William Jones was the leading Amateur and Silver medallist.

In 1977 Ben Spaven presented a trophy for the over 65s which is competed for at the Annual Competition.

1891 B B Glover
1892 B B Glover
1893 B B Glover
1894 F R Dixon-Nuttall
1895 F R Dixon-Nuttall
1896 H Varley
1897 H Varley
1898 A Gray
1899 A Gray
1900 J Hammill
1901 C H Jolliffe
1902 D McKechnie
1903 J Hamill
1904 J Hamill
1905 W J Glover
1906 W J Glover
1907 J Hamill
1908 J Hamill
1909 G P Varley
1910 G P Varley
1911 A Brewis
1912 A Brewis
1913 J R Turner
1914 J R Turner
1915 J Fordsham
1916 J Frodsham
1917 R J Knapman
1918 R J Knapman
1919 J Mercer
1920 G P Varley
1921 R W Blades
1922 R W Blades
1923 W P Collins
1924 J Saywell
1925 J Saywell
1926 A S Wilson
1927 A S Wilson
1928 A J A Orchard
1929 A J A Orchard
1930 J Hammill
1931 J Glover
1932 H J Lyon
1933 H J Lyon
1934 G F Denning
1935 A S Owen
1936 W Heaton
1937 W Heaton
1938 T H Wood
1939 F Heaton
1940 F Heaton
1941 F Heaton
1942 F Heaton
1943 F Heaton
1944 F Heaton
1945 F Heaton
1946 C E B Griffon
1947 C E B Griffon
1948 B Spaven
1949 F G Taylor
1950 S Sumner
1951 H Lockhart
1952 A Dewsbury
1953 A Dewsbury
1954 W C Rothery
1955 W C Rothery
1956 E W R Bywaters
1957 B Spaven
1958 P J O'Sullivan
1959 A O Cowper
1960 A O Cowper
1961 P Johnson
1962 I H Stewart
1963 I J Wolfe
1964 W A Barr
1965 A T Coe
1966 R W Heaton
1967 K Brown
1968 H L Fairclough
1969 T Callon
1970 W Rigby
1971 T Pursell
1972 J M L Spaven
1973 F J Howard
1974 G H Corrigan
1975 F S Brown
1976 G G Twist
1977 J J Appleton
1978 R Marsh
1979 H Jacoby
1980 C Buck
1981 W Lyon
1982 R Saunders
1983 G Smith
1984 E Leavesley
1985 J Grundy
1986 J F Currie
1987 L D Bradbury
1988 J P Coan
1989 J E Travis
1990 E Wilson
1991 A J Crick
1992 D Knowles
1993 G A Billington
1994 D Peter
1995 A D Molyneux
1996 K Proudfoot
1997 G H Jones
1998 G A C Wands
1999 G Makin
2000 A A Barr
2001 J Rawlinson
2002 D A Williams
2003 J Price
2004 K Stringer
2005 J Whittle
2006 K Gill
2007 A Brown
2008 P F J Seddon
2009 A Rawlinson
2010 J Clarke
2011 M H Devenish
2012 S M Gange
2013 A H Lane
2014 D Larcombe
2015 P Bradley
2016 W E Guest
 2017  J P Greer
2018  R Pilkington 
2019  E McFerran 

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