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Haydock Park Golf Club

On 5 January 1877 with Queen Victoria on the throne and Disraeli as Prime Minister Haydock Park Golf Club was formed. Records from that era report that there were only ten golf clubs in the whole of England at that time so Haydock could well have been the eleventh. Another early record from the local newspaper, The Wigan Observer and District Advertiser, reports on the first Captain’s Prize provided by Dr Lister and held on 12 May 1877. It was reportedly played over 22 holes but as the course in 1877 was either 9 or 12 holes there is some mystery as to the number of holes played that day.

Unfortunately, some of the club records for the next thirty years are missing. However, there is an Ordnance Survey map which shows the location of the course approximately half a mile to the west of the present course. An entry in the Victorian History of the Counties of England states “  The course of the Haydock Park Golf Club adjoins the well-known racecourse at Dean Dam Moor, Newton-le-Willows. The club was founded in January 1877 by Dr Lister, Dr Watkins, the Rev H Siddall and others and its original links of nine holes have never been extended to the regulation eighteen. The links are charmingly situated in a wooded district and the pasture land on which they are laid out is slightly undulating”. The list of founders should also include the Rev.Pym Williamson whose medal is still competed for to this day.

The move to Golborne Park was taken at very short notice in December 1921 and seven months later Fred Green drove himself into the Captain’s office on the new 18 hole course. The club was also reconstituted as a Limited Liability Company with an 18th century mansion for a clubhouse instead of the previous humble sports pavilion.

The club suffered more devastation than most golf clubs as a result of World War II. The course was closed for play and part of the land was turned over for grazing. In 1943 the course was requisitioned for military purposes to billet American troops preparing for the invasion of Europe. It was not until Easter of 1948 that it was restored for the benefit of members and on 29 July 1951 the Captain drove off to reopen the course as 18 holes.

In May 1961 four Ex-Captains of the club, whose names are not known, applied to join the Society and were duly admitted. Thus, Haydock Park became a member of the Society and the club has since produced two Society Captains, Tom Boydell (1980/81) and Derek Walkden (2007/08).

1900 G Smith
1901  A Smith 
1902  A Smith 
1903  C S Bennie 
1904  L E Pilkington 
1905  L E Pilkington 
1906  L E Pilkington 
1907  J D P Smith 
1908  A W Anderton 
1909  F Lomax 
1910  F Lomax 
1911  L E Pilkington 
1912  C Cole 
1913  C Cole 
1914  J Robinson 
1915  J Robinson 
1916  J Dickinson 
1917  J Dickinson 
1918  T Barnes 
1919  T Barnes 
1920  T Southern 
1921  F A Green 
1922  F A Green 
1923  W Goslin 
1924  W Goslin 
1925  W Boardman 
1926  J Naylor 
1927  J Naylor 
1928  W Longton 
1929  C T Naylor 
1930  C T Naylor 
1931  C T Naylor 
1932  H Horrocks 
1933  F Hindley 
1934  F Hindley 
1935  J Sims 
1936  J Sims 
1937  J W Beswick 
1938  J W Beswick 
1939  E W Stephenson 
1940  E W Stephenson 
1941  S Bridge 
1942  S Bridge 
1943  S Bridge 
1944  S Bridge 
1945  S Bridge 
1946  W Naylor 
1947  W Naylor 
1948  W Naylor 
1949  H Scholes 
1950  H Scholes 
1951  J Gaughan 
1952  C Ledger 
1953  S Smith 
1954  S Bridge 
1955  H Finlayson 
1956  J Twiss 
1957  M D Connolly 
1958  A J Fairhurst 
1959  A J Fairhurst 
1960 A H Randall
1961  T J Robson 
1962  F H R Jones 
1963  J Ryan 
1964  F G Naylor 
1965  J L Carragher 
1966  R Lancaster 
1967  H E Rimmer 
1968  J Laithwaite 
1969  J Hunter 
1970  T Catterall 
1971  J G Gibson 
1972  L Ball 
1973  W E Jones 
1974  C A Pilling 
1975  T O Boydell 
1976  K D Jones 
1977  H M Tarbuck 
1978  R Gleave 
1979  A Smith 
1980  J I Bentley 
1981  E Squires 
1982  J Kibbler 
1983  G Tait 
1984  R B Sankey 
1985  J Litton 
1986  E Brown 
1987  L Calvert 
1988  J Foy 
1989  C D S Burton 
1990  M Potter 
1991  H Fairburn 
1992 W F Powell 
1993  C Goodwin 
1994  K Blake 
1995  D E Walkden 
1996  A Tipping 
1997  M H Gallagher 
1998  T R Horton 
1999  D Wood 
2000  F S Halliwell 
2001  A Crompton 
2002  L Prescott 
2003  C Jackson 
2004  J Yates 
2005  L Walkden 
2006  J Haigney 
2007  D Atherton 
2008  B Lutas 
2009  J R Kilshaw 
2010  B Jameson 
2011  F Buckley
2012  D Barton
2013  J Holcroft 
2014  D McGrory 
2015  M J Sherlock 
2016  J Arrowsmith 
2017  C Anderson 
2018  L Lowe 
2019 B E Flanagan, MBE 

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