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The Hotel Victoria, now demolished, was the venue on 12 June 1902 for a meeting of prospective Heswall Golf Club members. The meeting was summoned by Mr G Bradstock Lockett and following the unanimous decision to form the club he was appointed Honorary Secretary. By 31 July 1902 a total of 66 Members and 45 Lady Associates had joined. As with many other courses, the railway was a major factor as regards location and Heswall station on the old London & North Western Railway provided a convenient access for the members. Today the old line, now a public footpath known as the Wirral Way, acts as a barrier between the East and West sections of the course and must be crossed to complete the round. Unlike most courses Heswall started as 18 holes and although new holes have been added and the layout changed over the years the essential parkland features have remained. The original course was designed by Jack Morris, the professional at Royal Liverpool, who was involved in the layout of many local courses during that era.

Lady Associates were encouraged from the start and at the course opening on 6 September 1902 the first Captain, Mr E Twigge, stated “One of the objects of the club is the abolition of golfing widows in the district.” His philosophy has endured to this day as Heswall still has one of the largest ladies sections in the locality. Gladys Temple Dobell (nee Ravenscroft) is by far the best remembered lady member having won the English and the American Ladies Championships in 1912/13 as well as featuring in many other international golfing events.

In the early days rooms were rented from Gayton Hall farm but these were soon given up following several outbreaks of diphtheria. On 13 February 1904 the members approved plans for the construction of a wood and iron clubhouse on a brick foundation at a cost of £1,500 and they also approved a new 21 year lease for the course. This clubhouse, together with all club records, was destroyed by fire on 20 January 1924 and two years later the first stage of the present building was constructed. There are few golf courses that can boast a location that the Heswall clubhouse enjoys. Sitting on rising land above the 18th green with views down to the River Dee and the mountains of Wales, the present clubhouse has been extended over the years. Its most popular feature is the outside terrace, sheltered from the winds, where an evening drink can be taken whilst watching the sun set over the Clwyd hills.

On 21 December 1948 the Council took the opportunity to buy the freehold of the land nanced by promissory notes from members. Frank Pennink reviewed the course in 1968 and made suggestions for improvement including the construction of new holes. More recently, Donald Steel drew up and supervised the plans for the new land purchased in 2000 and opened for play in 2007.

On the administrative side, Heswall has had two Presidents of the English Golf Union, Stuart Cookson in 1994 and Fred Caroe in 2006 and both have also served as President of the Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs. Other Cheshire Presidents have been Frank Harkins and Stuart Gorman. As far as the Society is concerned, Frank Harkins in 1988 and Robert J Carter in 2013 have served as Captain. 

1902  E Twigge
1903  C MacIver 
1904  E Johnston 
1905  E Johnston 
1906  E Johnston 
1907  R Brancker 
1908  R Brancker 
1909  W T Lee 
1910  T W Baker 
1911  A W Stone 
1912  R H Hooper 
1913  T H Forgan 
1914  C P Coulevas 
1915  C P Coulevas 
1916  C P Coulevas 
1917  C P Coulevas 
1918  C P Coulevas 
1919  C P Coulevas 
1920  H Williams 
1921  C E DeWolfe 
1922  R H Anderson 
1923  G Q Dinn 
1924  A Barrett 
1925  W M M Forwood 
1926  W M M Forwood 
1927  F J Cope 
1928  E E Hough 
1929  R E Roberts 
1930  G Bradley 
1931  J P Wardle 
1932  J E Roberts 
1933  J R Fleming 
1934  P B Hughes 
1935  P B White 
1936  F A Reece 
1937  C Band 
1938  T N White 
1939  J P Wardle 
1940  J P Wardle 
1941 J P Wardle 
1942  J P Wardle 
1943  H V Evans 
1944  H V Evans 
1945  P L Davies 
1946  E H Peters 
1947  J Escolme 
1948  R W G Scott 
1949  J B Dowler 
1950  W Rose 
1951  A Hughes 
1952  C L Ball 
1953  J B Dowler 
1954  E G Thomas 
1955  F B Cope 
1956  W D Armstrong 
1957  A N Lockier 
1958  E L Wiard 
1959  F Hiscocks 
1960  C A Leggett 
1961  A Batty 
1962 G C Lees 
1963  J M Harvey 
1964  C L Overton 
1965  J B Tomkinson 
1966  G Bancroft 
1967  R J Critten 
1968  H B Kelly 
1969  E Woodhead 
1970  R C Blair 
1971  C W Berry 
1972  S P H Cookson 
1973  R G H Binnery 
1974  R J Keating 
1975  N E Kitchen 
1976  C F Caroe 
1977  B H Keenan 
1978  D J Jardine 
1979  E A Wilson 
1980 E Raspin 
1981  P H Kenney 
1982  F Harkins 
1983  J I I Bissett 
1984  A C Craig 
1985  D I Hewitt 
1986  M A Meakin 
1987  G S Gorman 
1988  C B M Kenrick 
1989  B B Wright 
1990 J A Teare 
1991  B T Ridge 
1992  R May 
1993  F W Taylor 
1994  F W Spencer 
1995  P J Dowell 
1996  A Brooker 
1997  S A Allen 
1998  P J Thomas 
1999  J Deakin 
2000  R J Carter 
2001  K J Davies 
2002  J H Roberts 
2003  P G Lees 
2004  A R Williamson 
2005  J Darbyshire 
2006  W J P Smith 
2007  P M Higgins 
2008  D Holgate 
2009  K Housley 
2010  H J Sharman 
2011  H P Jones 
2012  P D Rogers 
2013  C Hornsby 
2014  M Greaney 
2015  P Rodgers 
2016  C T Hillock 
2017  T Moon 
2018  T Cornford 
2019  R Christian 

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