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Hillside is the tasty meat in the sandwich between Royal Birkdale and Southport & Ainsdale on a superb stretch of coastal sand dunes. These three courses sit side by side, divided only by the electric railway that links Southport with the City of Liverpool. The railway line is uppermost in the mind of a golfer standing on the first tee at Hillside where a hooked shot is not the recommended route.

The absence of club records prior to 1923 hinders the research into the early history which is believed to have started with a meeting at the Portland Hotel in the summer of 1911. Those present decided to make use of the 9 holes that had been laid out by the Blundell Golf Club which had moved to Ainsdale that year and which disbanded in the 1930s. The course was on land leased from Hillside Farm and situated to the East of the railway but by 1922 more space was required to accommodate the increasing membership. New housing development in that area meant that a move to the other side of the railway was a preferred option and discussions were opened with the Weld Blundell Estate to lease a stretch of land suitable for an 18 hole course. A 21 year lease was agreed and the new course was opened to play on 4 August 1923. The first Captain was R Mook in 1919 and he held office again in 1922.

On 28 February 1923 a Limited Liability Company was formed with a share capital of £3,000 and each founder member was issued with a share certificate and a commemorative mug. The early meetings were not without discord as some members objected to the move and to the proposed construction of an “expensive” clubhouse which was specially designed to allow it to be sold as a house if the club should be forced out of business. The clubhouse was opened on 19 December 1924 and the structure still forms the nucleus of the present building. Finances were stretched but under the Chairmanship of Louis Rowlandson with Hugh Davies as Honorary Secretary the Board was able to provide the financial stability to steer the club through a di fficult period of transition.

In October 1957 the respected golf course architect, Fred Hawtree, produced his plans which were to take Hillside into the top flight of courses throughout the world. It involved the release to Southport Corporation of 4 holes at the far end of the course in exchange for unused land between the Hillside and Birkdale courses. A unique feature of the exchange was that the construction of the new holes would be financed by the sale of 200,000 tons of sand taken from the new area. Hawtree subsequently reconstructed the front 9 holes and the new Championship course was opened in June 1967. Only 4 of the holes now bear any close resemblance to the holes of the original course.

Hillside has hosted the Amateur, English Amateur, European Amateur and Boys Amateur Championships as well as the Ladies British Open and a host of professional events. It is regularly used as a qualifying course when the Open Championship is played next door at Royal Birkdale. The Club joined the Society in 1934 and has produced two Captains, Bert Collinge (1959/60) and Bryan Greenwood (2000/01).

1919 R Mook
1920  G A Kelley 
1921  J D Carpenter 
1922  R Mook 
1923  G Sherrington 
1924  G Sherrington 
1925  C H Taylor 
1926  A F Darah 
1927  J M T Reynolds 
1928  J M T Reynolds 
1929  L F Rowlandson 
1930  M E Bishop 
1931  H S Collinge 
1932  A Poirette 
1933  W R H Gibbs 
1934  H Davies 
1935  J A W Hepburn 
1936  J A W Hepburn 
1937  G Worsley 
1938  A Crampton 
1939  J Carson 
1940  J Carson 
1941  J M T Reynolds 
1942  J M T Reynolds 
1943  J M T Reynolds 
1944  G Dixon 
1945  G Dixon 
1946  B Turner 
1947  C Hodkinson 
1948  C Hodkinson 
1949  J Moody 
1950  B Turner 
1951  T S Bolton 
1952  G H Ball 
1953  F W Veale 
1954  N P Vanderbilt 
1955  W McMurray 
1956  T Garstang 
1957  R W Barraclough 
1958  J W Raynor 
1959  L Rushton 
1960  H L Greenwood 
1961  J Moody 
1962  H S Collinge 
1963  N H Gough 
1964  F Beck 
1965  E B Taylor 
1966  J B Mawdesley 
1967  W Sawyer 
1968  W B Allison 
1969  T Johnson 
1970  J P Proctor 
1971  J D Giddens 
1972  H V Bateson 
1973  J Maher 
1974 J A A Bent
1975  T E Broughton 
1976  K N Owen 
1977  J McAllister 
1978  C F Wilson 
1979  J E Mawdesley 
1980  G C C Lindsay 
1981  R J Smith 
1982  D E Wood 
1983  R M Allan 
1984  J Mullen 
1985  W C Backhouse 
1986  B L Greenwood 
1987  H G Noad 
1988  G H Attwood 
1989  F A Hennessy 
1990  G P Owen 
1991  D M Cox 
1992  J R Walls 
1993  J J Simmons 
1994  G C Hinds 
1995  D Hindle 
1996  G D Anderton 
1997  G C Kendrick 
1998  G Brunskill 
1999  I W McKittrick 
2000  R A Hennessy 
2001  I A McDiarmid 
2002  G A Charnock 
2003  B G Crilly 
2004  C E Pennington 
2005  J A Proctor 
2006  D Lanigan 
2007  K R Parkinson 
2008  J A Taylor 
2009  D K Dixon 
2010  P Molloy 
2011  D A Harkness 
2012  A J Davies 
2013  J J Bradburn 
2014  G S Jones 
2015 R Walker 
2016 G J Williams 
2017 D Rooney 
2018 D J Veney 
2019  P Edgeller 

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