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The first 35 years of the club appear to have run smoothly, possibly masked by the loss of all records, trophies and honours boards. Huyton Golf Club was formed in 1905 at the instigation of the Atherton family who owned and lived on the estate. Hurst House had been a rural retreat in the early 1700s having originally been constructed as a square manor house with later additions in 1879 including the clock tower with its five bell chime. The Atherton family were founders of the nearby British Insulated Wire Company, later to become BICC, and their family home was the first domestic property to be wired for electricity using the paper insulated wiring that they had introduced to Britain. The two Atherton brothers who lived at Hurst House did not get on together as evidenced during the 1961 clubhouse refurbishment when it was discovered that part of the house was wired for alternating current (AC) and the other part for direct current (DC).

James Braid directed the layout for the 18 hole course and Herbert Baxter was appointed Captain and the Hon. Arthur Stanley, the son of Lord Derby, elected as President. Lord Derby was a friend of the Athertons and would sometimes bring the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VIII, to play at Huyton. Deer donated by Lord Derby roamed the park until one of them attacked a local golfing vicar and his Lordship was asked to take them back to Knowsley. The initial membership was 77 men and 45 ladies with the latter having the same voting rights as the men - an enlightened philosophy that was extended to the mixed use of the clubhouse, thus setting the standard for future social relations within the club.

The year 1939 brought bad news to the club, not only for the outbreak of World War II when it became a convalescent home, but also because the Athertons served notice that the lease would not be renewed. They set up Huyton Golf Links Ltd to manage the course on a “pay as you go” basis and many members left to join other clubs.Those who remained formed Huyton & District Golf Club paying green fees until 1945 when they formed Hurst Park Golf Club with a scheme to sign a new lease. However, before they could do so the Athertons announced their plan to sell the estate and that they had received a firm offer. A determined group of 62 members managed to raise and borrow £29,000 to buy the course and clubhouse. Thus on 26 August 1948 Huyton & Prescot Golf Club Ltd was formed and the other bidders graciously withdrew and went o to build Lee Park. Bob Knowles was elected Captain with Jack Vaughan as Secretary, a position he held for 34 years. His daughter, Sheila Maher, a former international golfer, was Captain of the Lancashire Ladies Golf Union in 2007.

There was welcome financial relief in 1954 when land at the paddock was sold for building. A major reconstruction of the clubhouse in 1961 was followed by an even greater upheaval in 1969 when the M57 motorway removed a quarter of the land. Compensatory land from BICC enabled the course to be re-planned under the guidance of Fred Hawtree and Dave Smith’s Development Committee. As a member of that Committee Geoffrey Leece enjoyed a unique opportunity to plan a new golf course and his lasting epitaph is that he can claim the 5th hole as his idea.

Harold Hayco was one of the four men who attended the first recorded Committee meeting of the Society in 1923 and in the following year he presented the trophy that still bears his name. Walter Coombs was Society Captain in 1965/66 and Geoffrey Leece  followed him in 1987/88.

1905  H Baxter 
1906  H Baxter 
1907  J Shaw
1908  S Russell 
1909  S Russell 
1910  F Pritchard 
1911  W L Shaw 
1912  W H Roby 
1913  W H Roby 
1914  W Kerfoot 
1915  W Kerfoot 
1916  W Kerfoot 
1917  W Kerfoot 
1918 W Kerfoot
1919  W Kerfoot 
1920  N Harrison 
1921  C Sever 
1922  H S Hayco 
1923  A J Brown 
1924  N Silcock 
1925  D Bates 
1926  J F Ward 
1927  R J Knapman 
1928  J Hammill 
1929  W F Dixon-Nuttall 
1930  L Hammill 
1931  T Glynne-Evans 
1932  E R Pierce 
1933  J Halligan 
1934  W Ellis 
1935  J Bruce 
1936  J St. Clair 
1937  J Bruce 
1938  R E Broughton 
1939  T E Balshaw
1940  W E Smith 
1941  G Pinnington 
1942  G Pinnington  
1943  P Bates 
1944  P C Lockyer 
1945  R N Knowles 
1946  R N Knowles 
1947  E G Paterson 
1948  R N Knowles 
1949  D E Griffiths 
1950  J H Young 
1951  A S Thornton 
1952  W Coombes 
1953  J R Henley 
1954  D Smith 
1955  H C Adams  
1956  B Joseph 
1957  F A Edmondson
1958  C J Mitchell
1959  S C Parkinson 
1960  J E Holdsworth 
1961  S J Faulkner 
1962  W G Jones 
1963  S J Faulkner 
1964  D Hindle 
1965 R Williams 
1966  F A Edmondson 
1967  R P Harling 
1968  T P Barton 
1969  G R Leece 
1970  J Fiddles 
1971  E Dickin 
1972  J D Maher 
1973  W S Paton 
1974  G A Wright 
1975  J H Hoolihan 
1976  C W Ward 
1977  W J Connell 
1978  F Lea 
1979  R D Jones 
1980  J Nicholson 
1981  T G Pearson 
1982  A Winrow 
1983  F E G Pates 
1984  R K Prowse 
1985  E Pinnington 
1986  K J Wilcock 
1987  H C Lonsdale 
1988  A Roskell 
1989  K H Campbell 
1990  I G Bruce 
1991  K Whittamore 
1992  J K Hulme 
1993  J P Stevens 
1994  W E Wilson 
1995  B A Cadwallader 
1996  F Rodgers 
1997  W R Ireland 
1998  G R Barr 
1999  P H Blacoe 
2000  W E Giles 
2001  C Rhodes 
2002  A P McCarthy 
2003  G M Booth 
2004  W J Lewis 
2005  A Davies 
2006  W J Connell 
2007  N V Gleave 
2008  P Aspinall 
2009  M B A Jolley 
2010  R Clamp 
2011  A Gorman 
2012  L J Gornall 
2013  T Chapman 
2014 C Town 
2015 A S Elliott 
2016 R A Davies 
2017  R J Cronley 
2018 D J Fletcher 
2019 J N Unsworth 

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