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Leasowe Golf Club

Leasowe Golf Club started in 1891 and has steadfastly remained “men only” throughout its existence. It was formed as a 9 hole course situated adjacent to Leasowe Lighthouse and moved along the coast to the present site in 1894. The original course was taken over by Moreton Ladies Golf Club but their tenure there lasted only 10 years until the outbreak of the first World War when it was requisitioned for agricultural purposes and never rebuilt.

The legendary John Ball Jnr. was instrumental in the formation of the club and served as Captain for the first four years of its existence. He was 29 when the club was formed having in the previous year won the British Amateur Championship at his home club, Royal Liverpool, and the Open Championship at Prestwick. This feat has never been repeated and in total he won the Amateur Championship eight times. In between playing competitive golf and internationals all over the country he still found time to play in Leasowe competitions off a handicap of +10 and to serve in the Boer War with the Denbighshire Yeomanry.

A room at the Lighthouse served as the changing room until the move in 1894 when an approach to the adjacent Leasowe Castle was rejected. An issue of 4% debentures to the members raised the £455 required to build a clubhouse situated on the present site. The new course of 9 holes was laid out by the Royal Liverpool professional, Jack Morris, and John Ball Jnr. The Leasowe Committee resolved that all members should be asked to wear red coats with slate grey collars when playing on the links - now only worn formally by Captains and Past Captains.

Another innovation from 1894 was the arrangement with the Wirral Railway Company for the opening of a new station at Leasowe together with the provision of pony and trap transport to the course. By 1904 the course had been extended to 18 holes, some of which would have been seaward of the present course. Erosion of the sand dunes plus a period of controlled sand removal has changed the contours over the years but the sea defences have now been secured with the construction of a coastal walk and seaside park.

As most of the original golf clubhouses were constructed of timber perhaps it is not surprising how many of them were destroyed by fire. Leasowe’s loss occurred on 18 August 1963 when only the steward’s house remained after the clubhouse and all it’s records and trophies were burnt. Fortunately, the club had just increased its insurance cover and was able to rebuild the clubhouse and supply the members with brand new golf clubs.

By 1984 a land switch had been completed which left the club as owners of all its land and with no further responsibility for the sea defences. Two years later the members approved plans for an extension of the clubhouse which was completed and occupied in 1986. Landscaping with soil from Everton’s old football pitch has helped to enhance the course appearance.

Leasowe was a founder member of the Society and has produced four Captains - G Dudley West (1955/56), Bill Gillmore (1968/69), Ron Ceha (1984/85) and latterly David Laidlaw (2010/11). Ian Fraser (Captain 1975), who died in the Society's Centenary year, was awarded the Victoria Cross in World War II for sinking a Japanese Cruiser from a midget submarine.

1891  J Ball Jnr. 
1892  J Ball Jnr. 
1893  J Ball Jnr. 
1894  J Ball Jnr. 
1895  R Johnston 
1896  J E Burton 
1897  R W Lee 
1898  D Walker 
1899  J A Gray 
1900  C H Burton 
1901  R Dunlop 
1902  C H Smith 
1903  H Rider 
1904  H Hartley 
1905  A Burrell 
1906  G Doleman 
1907  J P Carr 
1908  J Ball 
1909  J S Kellett Smith 
1910  W A Short 
1911  J Williamson 
1912  E Henshaw 
1913  W F Skipworth 
1914  J Marwood 
1915  J Marwood 
1916 J Marwood 
1917  J Marwood 
1918  J H Rogers 
1919  J Byrne 
1920  C D McGinness 
1921  J E W Cook 
1922  A H Holford 
1923  J H Summerfield 
1924  J P Carr 
1925  G D West 
1926  M H D'Arcy 
1927  M F Drinkwater 
1928  T H Jones 
1929  J A Carlile 
1930  P S Booth 
1931 M H D'Arcy 
1932  J N Mainwaring 
1933  E Harvey 
1934  G D West 
1935  L Mickle 
1936  B Dean 
1937  A B Wallis 
1938  E Harvey 
1939  J A Dickinson 
1940  J A Dickinson 
1941  D A Gordon 
1942  D A Gordon 
1943  D A Gordon 
1944  D A Gordon 
1945  D A Gordon 
1946  T W Lowe 
1947  L W S Grinling
1948  R Dean 
1949  J R Griffin 
1950  F I Stanley 
1951 W N Gilmore
1952 L G McConomy
1953 H S Worthington
1954 W T Harrison
1955 J W Mackintosh
1956  A R C Walker 
1957  A W P Healey 
1958  G N Booth 
1959  J W Mackintosh 
1960  R E Brew 
1961  J H Crutchley 
1962  F T H Stone 
1963  A G Fulton 
1964  A G Fulton 
1965  R N Mainwaring 
1966  S T P Bakewell 
1967  W J Wells 
1968  J F Jackson 
1969  W F Jordan 
1970  J W R Gartrell 
1971  S J Craddock 
1972  R H Ceha 
1973  W Marshall 
1974  W P Clayton 
1975  I E Fraser 
1976  F Griffiths 
1977  A E Bladon 
1978  J H Elsby 
1979  C E Charnley 
1980  H J Surridge 
1981  H K Williams 
1982  T G Powell 
1983  D Chaddock 
1984  H Jamieson 
1985  L A Leach 
1986  R B Howard 
1987  L A Montgomery 
1988  D E Laidlaw 
1989  T Page 
1990  C E Dyer 
1991  G Wilkinson 
1992  K Trice 
1993  W E Baldwin 
1994  J Bickerstaff 
1995  L Bentley-Edge 
1996  G L Goodwin 
1997  E A Owen 
1998  T M Hendry 
1999  J G Roberts 
2000  P G Scott 
2001  C Jones 
2002  P G Johnston 
2003  B Phelan 
2004  S Smale 
2005  J W Hayden 
2006  J Ward 
2007  S Lanceley 
2008  J N Marsden 
2009  J G Howard 
2010  W Menagh 
2011  D A Wakefield 
2012  C D Crail 
2013 J Mallion 
2014 B Edge 
2015 J G Vaughan 
2016 J Dunne 
2017 K R Campbell 
2018 M Jess 
2019  I R McGinn 

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