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In the mid 1940s the Merseyside Jewish Golfing Society decided to establish its own course in the Liverpool area along the lines of similar clubs in Leeds, Manchester and London. The first opportunity came in 1945 when the Executors of the Atherton Estate, owners of the course at Hurst Park, Huyton, intimated their wish to sell. Sol Bennett, a member of Hurst Park at that time, summoned a meeting of Jewish golfers who agreed to offer £29,000 against the asking price of £30,000. Indecision by the Athertons caused the situation to drag on until late in 1948 by which time the Hurst Park members had managed to organise the finance and match the offer under the name of Huyton & Prescot Golf Club. Not wishing to get involved in a damaging auction, Sol and his friends withdrew their offer.

Their time had not been wasted because there was now a committed band of enthusiasts ready to respond to the next attempt, also organised by Sol Bennett. The 1954 - 2004 history of Lee Park Golf Club, compiled by Geoffrey Swift, quotes verbatim from Sol’s memoirs in which he tells of the trials and tribulations he and his friends endured before the club came into existence in 1954. Space here does not permit a full account of their efforts but it started in the Spring of 1950 when Sol spotted Lee Hall, a tumble-down mansion at Netherley and knocked on the door of the nearby farmhouse. To his delight he discovered that the farm, comprising 225 acres, was for sale and his offer to buy 75 acres was subsequently accepted with the remaining land to be sold at auction. By March 1953 the planning consents and funding were in place and Lee Park Golf Club held its first Directors Meeting. Jack Tarsh served as Captain for the first two years and Sol Bennett for the third. The first 12 holes were opened in 1954 and the remaining 6 in 1956.

Whilst Lee Hall, in its day, would have been a splendid clubhouse its condition was so poor that it was demolished and all that remains is the coach house by the 10th tee. The old farmhouse served as the first clubhouse until replaced by a new purpose built one which has been extended and refurbished over the years. After the initial euphoria, problems that had not been envisaged started to manifest themselves. The construction of four large tenement blocks were not only a blight on the landscape but also brought the unwelcome attention of children and youths bent on destruction. Despite the strenuous efforts of the greenkeeper, Terry Holmes assisted by his alsation dogs, trespass and vandalism was a constant problem which affected both the course and the clubhouse. Fish were removed from the ponds in the hope of deterring the children who gathered there and eventually the ponds were filled in. It was a great relief when the flats were demolished in 1992 thus restoring the rural landscape and the present day peaceful enjoyment of the members.

The original membership was almost entirely Jewish with a few Jewish friends. However, by the late 1970s it was obvious to the Council that falling membership was taking the club on a downward spiral and the decision was taken to actively recruit members from all faiths. It has always been a club policy to accept members from any persuasion. The success of this campaign has restored the financial stability of the club and approximately 80% of the present members are not Jewish. Lee Park is a Jewish club and observes the Jewish holy days and dietary rules. It joined the Society in 1956 and has provided two Captains, Dr Harold Cantor (1969/70) and Geoffrey Swift (1995/96).

1954 J Tarsh
1955  J Tarsh 
1956  S Bennett 
1957  H Cantor 
1958  B Lewis 
1959  F Compton
1960  H L Silverston
1961  J Sytner
1962  I Leveson
1963  S I Canter
1964  S E Goldsmith 
1965  Sir H Livermore
1966  I Samuels
1967  R Bennett 
1968  L C Wolfman 
1969  K J Stern
1970  K Shiffman 
1971  J J Rivlin
1972  A K Harris 
1973  M Sorsky 
1974  M Boher 
1975  W Ison 
1976  S Linton 
1977  D Solomon 
1978  L S Bennett 
1979  H L Goffman 
1980  S Linton 
1981  B Young 
1982  S Brayd
1983  M Beacon 
1984  G C Swift
1985  M Richard 
1986  C W Cohen
1987  D Ludzker
1988  M Mendick
1989  D English 
1990  D L Harris
1991  C Bredski
1992  S W Chinn 
1993  I Bennett 
1994 D E Webster
1995  E K Deacon 
1996  A Hurst 
1997  P M Carney 
1998  M Pevy 
1999  M B Bennett 
2000  S G Settle 
2001  C T Robinson 
2002  N R Navaneetharajah 
2003  J Lander 
2004  E M Mott-Cowan 
2005  J Gilvary 
2006  R E Townsend 
2007  I Glassman 
2008  A T Ashton 
2009  D P Towell 
2010  P Rastall 
2011  R H Stone 
2012  T W Trafford 
2013  D Mollard 
2014  Dr N Krasner 
2015  D W Ford 
2016  A Pennington 
2017  P Graff 
2018  J Beck 
2019  M D Worsfold 


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