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Situated in Lathom Park, a former seat of the Derby family, Ormskirk Golf Club came into being on 14 April 1899 when six local gentlemen promoted a meeting at the Ormskirk Workingmen’s Institute. They were all members of Southport (later changed to Hesketh) Golf Club which at that time had moved inland to Moss Lane and it is possible that the unsettled state of this club had influenced their decision to form Ormskirk. The outcome was that the founder members who attended the meeting quickly got down to business and declared the club duly constituted and proceeded to elect a Council, Trustees, Secretary, Treasurer and to name Mr H Brighouse as Captain. As he served for only part of the year he enjoyed a second term in 1900. The final decision taken at the inaugural meeting was the act of faith by 17 founder members in guaranteeing a total of £150 towards the erection of a clubhouse which was built later that year at a cost, including the furnishings, of £700.

The chosen site for the first 9 holes was New Park which at one time had been part of Lord Derby’s deer park. The course was leased from the Stanley Estates and was constructed under the direction of the former Open Champion, Harold Hilton, who played in the exhibition match when the course was opened on 2 December 1899. Hilton also supervised the construction of the second 9 holes in the adjacent Top Park which enabled the 18 hole course to be formally opened on 30 May 1903. Nine years later in 1912 the members grasped the opportunity to buy the freehold of the entire 125 acres for £5,700. The foresight of such members has to be applauded because whilst the deal appears to be incredibly cheap by today’s standards the £7,655 they had to borrow must have caused some sleepless nights.

The original clubhouse served the members until 1914 when a more substantial structure was built on the present site at a cost of £2,827. Electricity was installed in 1934, followed shortly afterwards by the addition of living accommodation for the Steward and there have been various other extensions over the years. In 1991 a new professional’s shop was built and if the cost of £75,000 seems expensive it is only a reflection on the impact of inflation. Parking problems were resolved in 1998 when the club spent £180,000 to buy and landscape an extra piece of land on which to lay a new car park on the opposite side of Cranes Lane, helpfully subsidised by a substantial refund of VAT.

Two major reconstructions have taken place since the course became 18 holes although the basic layout has not fundamentally changed. The parkland setting is now a stern but fair test of golf which has been used as a regional qualifying course for the Open Championship and to host County matches for the men and the ladies. The original 23 Lady Subscribers have now increased signi ficantly and the ladies section is well known for its support of County golf and the Liverpool Society of Lady Golf Captains.

Ormskirk was a founder member of the Society and Danny Garforth was elected as Society Captain in 1983/84, and also served as President of the Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs in 2004. Ian Gregson was the Captain of the Society for 2012, thus being the second from the club to hold this office.

1899 H Brighouse 
1900  H Brighouse 
1901  P R Glover 
1902  P M Hunter 
1903  J Morrison 
1904  J E Porter 
1905  J E Porter 
1906  C Stewart 
1907  J Ainsgough 
1908  E A Jones 
1909  E E Linaker 
1910  F Porter 
1911  J T Whittle 
1912  R E Hattersley 
1913  R E Hattersley 
1914  C W H Clark 
1915  T Coulton 
1916  T Coulton 
1917  T Coulton 
1918  T Coulton 
1919  T Coulton 
1920  F Potter 
1921  T G Alexander 
1922  T G Alexander 
1923  C L Worsley 
1924  W M Lowe 
1925  H J Walker 
1926  H J Cooke 
1927  H J Cooke 
1928  G Hewlett 
1929  G Hewlett 
1930  S H Sagar 
1931  C I Worsley 
1932  H P Lumby 
1933  C W W Thorpe 
1934  R E Hattersley 
1935  J T Whittle 
1936  J T Whittle 
1937  J E Glover 
1938  B R Rice-Jones 
1939  P W Makinson 
1940  C L Worsley 
1941  C L Worsley 
1942  C L Worsley 
1943  C L Worsley 
1944  C L Worsley 
1945  C L Worsley 
1946  H A Fair 
1947  W Brown 
1948  J R Holmes 
1949  J T Whittle 
1950  R H K Fair 
1951  C G R Hill 
1952  C F H Sergeant 
1953  P D Kennedy 
1954  J A Blackwood 
1955  J B Ellis 
1956  R H Gray 
1957  R S Heaton 
1958  A H M Stewart 
1959 T W Winterson 
1960 O W Ainscough
1961 M L Forster 
1962 R F Hockin
1963 R H K Fair 
1964  E H Ryde-Weller 
1965  C Riding  
1966   G H Riding 
1967  J A Bishop  
1968  L C Riding 
1969  N W Daish 
1970  D E Finch 
1971  L C Bullard 
1972  R R D Heaton 
1973  A Kirkham 
1974  H F Sharman 
1975  P Finch 
1976  S S Lawson 
1977  C M R Hill 
1978  D Garforth 
1979  R F Nanson 
1980  J A Bush 
1981  N Pendleton 
1982  D Edge 
1983  A J Cunnington 
1984  R J Berry 
1985  E S Morton 
1986  R L Pendleton 
1987  J M Hemson 
1988  E I Linton 
1989  T Sayer 
1990  R Guy 
1991  W Caunce 
1992  J K Nuttall 
1993  H Winstanley 
1994  I M Beaton 
1995  D Howarth 
1996  A J Price 
1997  E T Hey 
1998  B A Jackson 
1999  C D Mawdsley 
2000  J G Foster 
2001  I Gregson 
2002  M Halliwell 
2003  J V Williams 
2004  J J K Price 
2005  R G Malley 
2006  P M Cowan 
2007  D B Brookfield 
2008  A Cooper 
2009  J G S Woods
2010  B W O'Brien 
2011  G E Jackson 
2012  A J Ball 
2013 W J Pendleton 
2014 K Draper 
2015 D A James 
2016 D J Eccleston 
2017  S Broster
2018 C R Read 
2019 S Glover

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