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The 2005 Centenary book for Prenton Golf Club lists 50 other clubs in the British Isles that share their year of celebration which testi fies to the pace of interest in the game in 1905. Like many other clubs it was an informal meeting that started the ball rolling and in Prenton’s case it was a gathering on 18 February 1905 when 7 men formed themselves into a Committee and elected a President, Secretary and Treasurer. Their resolution “ that a small golfing club be formed” may in hindsight appear somewhat lacking in ambition but this perception was quickly changed when keen local interest caused the initial limit of 40 men and 20 ladies to be increased. Somewhat surprisingly, the first Captain appointed in the following year was not one of the original 7 founders, the honour going to P Harvey Dodd.

The first course of 9 holes, ranging from 130 to 280 yards, was set out in two fields that now form Waterpark Road and Elm Road. For the months of May to August the golfers had exclusive use of the land but for the rest of the year they had to give preference to other users. The rudimentary nature of the course can be gauged from the reward of one shilling given to a junior member for his suggestion that the water-filled jam jars that were sunk into the ground to mark the holes should be replaced by tin cans with holes punched in the base.

By 1908 the club had moved to a larger site nearer to Landican and had also built a substantial clubhouse. Further reconstruction of the course was interrupted by the Great War of 1914/18 when much of the course was given over to sheep and cattle grazing. On 4 May 1923 the course was formally opened with 18 holes, celebrated by an exhibition match between A G Havers and Abe Mitchell. A 40 year lease gave the club security of tenure and this was later consolidated when the club was able to purchase the freehold of the land.

German bombing raids during World War II caused damage to the clubhouse and the course. In the 1941 blitz the close proximity to the river Mersey exposed the club to attacks from land mines and incendiary bombs intended for the docks and shipyards at Birkenhead. The damage to the clubhouse was not repaired until after the war and the large cavity to the right of the present 8th green is a reminder of the damage a land mine can do, even with a controlled explosion. The making of Golf Links Road in the late 1950s left the main entrance to the clubhouse facing the wrong way and necessitating a reorganisation of the building layout. The new clubhouse was opened in 1966 and there were further alterations in the year 2000.

The Lees family played significant roles both for Prenton Golf Club and also for the Society. Father and son, G F Lees and Fred J Lees, both Captained Prenton and the latter served as Hon. Secretary and Treasurer of the Society for a period of 9 years until he was appointed its second Captain in 1948/49. Peter Dutton was Captain of the Society in 1972/73 and has played an active part in the affairs of the Cheshire and the English Golf Unions. He served as President of the Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs in 1971 and was President of the English Golf Union in 1989. Arthur Thelwell was President of the Cheshire Union in 1991 and Graham Hurton became the third Prenton member to Captain the Society in 2002/03.

1906 P Harvey Dodd 
1907  G S Oldham 
1908  T B Johnston 
1909  R T Jones 
1910  E Hibbert 
1911  F Powell 
1912  C Brownridge 
1913  A B Tabb 
1914  G F Lees 
1915  E H Holford 
1916  E H Holford 
1917  F Owens 
1918  F Owens 
1919  C Craig 
1920  R J Robinson 
1921  J C Finlay 
1922  R R Hughes 
1923  W Myers 
1924  A Robinson 
1925  J M Wallace 
1926  F W Dingwall 
1927  T Robinson 
1928  E G Narrermore 
1929  W Stinton 
1930  W R Reardon 
1931  E C Clarke 
1932  A S McIvor 
1933  J F J Wood 
1934  A H Neale 
1935  E W Tame 
1936  D C Kinghorn 
1937  F J Lees 
1938  R J Griffith 
1939  E Nevylle Evans 
1940  E Nevylle Evans 
1941  J A Thomas 
1942  J A Thomas 
1943  J A Thomas 
1944  J E Allan 
1945  J E Allan 
1946  E le V Wood 
1947  E le V Wood 
1948  R O Lloyd 
1949  L B Bethel 
1950  C D Neill 
1951  R M Dutton
1952  C C Wheeler 
1953  A N Rostance 
1954  J J Nester 
1955  T A Hurton 
1956  A E Wood 
1957  H Lightfoot 
1958  E W Parry 
1959  L E G Medcalf 
1960  J A Ellis 
1961  F C Speechly 
1962  P R Dutton 
1963  F V W Crook 
1964  P L Heppard 
1965  H W Chapman 
1966  T Boggie
1967  A S Lee
1968  J W Marquis 
1969  D S Bruce 
1970  D R H Whalley 
1971  S Halliday 
1972  G C Grimmant 
1973  J B Cushing 
1974  J Wooton 
1975  G Wynne 
1976  D MacLeod 
1977  J Shackleton 
1978  A G Hurton 
1979  T F Deehan 
1989  F N Cryer 
1981  J Moorhouse 
1982  J P Duke 
1983  A Thelwell 
1984  A B Disley 
1985  J P Gaughan 
1986  J Rostence 
1987  J S T Robertson 
1988  E T Hallman 
1989  A Gilfoyle 
1990  B J Ball 
1991  J G Jones 
1992  T Flynn 
1993  D R Brockbank 
1994  G Hughes 
1995  I S Macdonald 
1996  C H Farmer 
1997  G Wyn Hughes 
1998  G J Mathieson 
1999  P B Bowes 
2000  J Darbyshire 
2001  J B Ainslie 
2002  J M Cross 
2003  R A Jackson 
2004  P L Macready 
2005  W F Cooper 
2006  G T Roberts 
2007  J I McCrindle 
2008  S L Hogg 
2009  M Yaxley 
2010  D R Williams 
2011  A J Shields 
2012  J R Bridgwater 
2013  M J Lincoln 
2014  D F Gibson 
2015  J P Burke
2016  S H Watson 
2017  G Billington 
2018  A J Rae
2019  G J Hartley 

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