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In 1869 the hamlet of Hoylake was a summer resort for the local gentry whose activities centred around the Royal Hotel and the Warren on which the Liverpool Hunt Club raced its horses. Both of these establishments exerted influence in the formative years of one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the world. It started when Mr J Muir Dowie called a meeting at the Royal Hotel and a month later in June 1869 the Liverpool Golf Club had been formed and Mr Dowie elected as Captain. In the following year the name was changed to the West Lancashire and Cheshire Golf Club but at the first general meeting the new name was vetoed and the former one restored. Perhaps it was the hunting connection that encouraged the members to wear a red coat with a green collar and plain gilt buttons inscribed LGC. The club still retains the unique tradition whereby the retiring Captain passes to his successor the club’s wand of office. This carved ivory baton had been used to conduct the community singing which frequently followed club dinners. The second Captain was Col. E H Kennard and in 1871 he was instrumental in gaining the Royal prefix through the Duke of Connaught.

The Royal Hotel in Stanley Road was the first headquarters for the club and was the scene of many a convivial post-golf dinner. The Hotel was owned by the father of John Ball who went on to become part of a triumvirate with Harold Hilton and Jack Graham who dominated amateur golf in their era. The stables at the rear of the Hotel were offered to Jack Morris who was installed as the first professional and who stayed for over fifty years. His father George, brother of the legendary old Tom Morris, had come down from Scotland to help lay out the nine hole links. Fortunately for the golfers the racing had finished by the mid 1870s by which time the course had been extended to 18 named holes of which Course and Stand are reminders of the racing connotations.

The starting point was changed in 1895 when the present clubhouse was built. The Royal hole (the present 17th) was initially designated as the first followed by the present 18th as the second but this was not deemed to be a success so the present layout was adopted with the Course hole as the first. However, the original layout was temporarily restored for logistical reasons in 2006 when the Open Championship, won by Tiger Woods, returned to Hoylake. Following the Championship the members decided to return to the traditional layout.

The connection with the Open Championship started in 1897 and the club has hosted the event 11 times, including the Grand Slam by Bobby Jones in 1930. However, it is for amateur golf that Hoylake is most recognised having held the Amateur Championship 18 times including the first in 1885. It also held the first England v Scotland international, the first match between Great Britain and the USA, the first English Amateur Championship and the Walker and Curtis Cups. Its restoration to the rota for the Open Championship keeps the club in the top flight of golf clubs throughout the world.

The club was a founder member of the Society and W B Stoddart, Captain of Royal Liverpool in 1910, chaired the first recorded Society Committee Meeting on 2 July 1923. He also hosted the annual competition at Hoylake on 3 October 1923 but not as Captain as this office was not created until 1939. Roland Marshall (1949/50) and Alan Booth (1974/75) have been Captains of the Society and John Behrend served as Captain of the R&A.

1869  J Muir Dowie 
1870  J Muir Dowie 
1871  E H Kennard 
1872  E H Kennard 
1873  J Dun 
1874  J Dun 
1875  W C A Milligan 
1876  H H Grierson 
1877  G R Wilson 
1878  Lt. Col. Briggs 
1879  C Crook 
1880  A Brown 
1881  F Muir 
1882  J Mansfield 
1883  C D Brown 
1884  J Cullen 
1885  B Hall Blyth 
1886  J Graham 
1887  A Sinclair 
1888  A Stewart 
1889  J B Fortune 
1890  C Hutchins 
1891  H W Hind 
1892  S G Sinclair 
1893  T L Ferguson 
1894  H G Hutchinson 
1895  H R Robertson 
1896  G C H Dunlop 
1897  T W Crowther 
1898  F Dun 
1899  W S Patterson 
1900  G R Cox 
1901  E Evans 
1902  A G Rankine 
1903  F Holdroyd 
1904  G Pilkington 
1905  H R C Sievwright 
1906  P Brown 
1907  A M Patterson 
1908  G E Godwin 
1909  A G Lyster 
1910  W B Stoddart 
1911  E R Moodie 
1912  E A Beazley 
1913  E V Crooks 
1914  J H Clayton 
1915  J H Clayton 
1916  J H Clayton 
1917  J H Clayton 
1918  J H Clayton 
1919  J H Clayton 
1920  G H McDiarmid 
1921  G Stewart 
1922  E B Orme 
1923  J P Brocklebank 
1924  A J Graham 
1925  W E Mounsey 
1926  J Baxter 
1927  A Kentish Barnes 
1928  S Downs 
1929 K Stoker 
1930 J G B Beazley 
1931 F Brocklehurst 
1932 P W Leathart 
1933 J Pegram 
1934 R Marshall 
1935 F D Sharples 
1936 Sir P E Bates 
1937 V D Heyne 
1938 W B Charles 
1939 E O Glover 
1940 E O Glover 
1941 E O Glover 
1942 E O Glover 
1943 E O Glover 
1944 E O Glover 
1945 E O Glover 
1946  F L Orme 
1947  R J Hodges 
1948  D M Ritchie 
1949  T W Harley 
1950  D Toby 
1951  A J Kennish Barnes 
1952  E R Orme 
1953  E R Orme 
1954  N W Roberts 
1955  J L Postlethwaite 
1956  J A Graham 
1957  G G Beazley 
1958  G F Williamson 
1959  J D W Renison 
1960  J M Marshall 
1961  E Birchall 
1962  A N L Warnock 
1963  R H Smith 
1964  W T G Bates 
1965  A G L Lowe 
1966  W S Hulme 
1967  M H Williams 
1968  J C Lawrie 
1969  Rt. Hon. Selwyn Lloyd 
1970  D H L Shone 
1971  A S Booth 
1972  A H T Crosthwaite 
1973  T Draper Williams 
1974  J R Turner 
1975  V E Sangster 
1976  J E Behrend 
1977  D Staveley Taylor 
1978  T G Leighton 
1979  L Briggs 
1980  J A Brocklehurst 
1981  A W Shone 
1982  R T Robinson 
1983  J Rees Roberts 
1984  D H S Pain 
1985  J H Spence 
1986  K V Dodman 
1987  J A Colvin 
1988  N C Williams 
1989  T J Marshall 
1990  L M White 
1991  F D M Lowry 
1992  G A Maxwell 
1993  D G Beazley 
1994  J D W Maxwell 
1995  N A Wainwright 
1996  P L Canevali 
1997  A W Renison 
1998  J N Kennefick 
1999  P J M Stern 
2000  K J A O'Brien 
2001  D P Norval 
2002  J C B Pinnington 
2003  S B Duncan 
2004  G H Brown 
2005  J G Turner 
2006 A J Cross 
2007 R Chadwick 
2008 M G M Groves 
2009 P H Cassidy 
2010 A E R Noble 
2011 N J Peel
2012 B T Bell 
2013  R C C Taylor 
2014  A J Beggs 
2015  R McBurney 
2016  D Smith 
2017  Dr B W Taylor 
2018  Sir I Gilmore 
2019  T H S Williams 

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