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Wallasey Village in 1891 consisted of a picturesque street of cottages and crofts populated by fishermen and agricultural workers. The 18 hole golf course built that year was constructed partly on the sand dunes to the North and East and on the “ flatlands” to the south and west.The land was owned by Frederick and Heath Harrison of the shipping line that still bears their name and they agreed to lease the 240 acres for an initial term of 15 years. The first meeting on 1 June 1891 was attended by eight men including R W “Pendulum” Brown and James Cullen who were the leading spirits. A month later the Wallasey Golf Club was formed and Messrs Brown and Cullen were the first two Captains.

Tom Morris laid out the 5,175 yard course and Bob Kirk supervised the construction and stayed on as the first professional. The Harrisons offered to build a clubhouse to be leased to the club and this was opened on Christmas Eve 1892. It is still in use today, albeit extended and refurbished and now owned by the club. Access to the clubhouse was initially primitive with no roads nearby and only one other house within a quarter of a mile. Improvements to the approaches were made in 1898 and a bicycle shed was built for the members.

Sand encroachment was always a problem and the planting of marram grass to stabilise the dunes was continual work. During the first World War with membership at a low ebb the situation became critical when tons of sand blew over the links and obliterated several of the finest holes, four of which had to be abandoned. By the end of the war only 135 acres could be played upon and the very existence of the club was threatened. To add to the threat the Harrison family had sold the links to Wallasey Corporation without consulting the golf club. On the positive side, the Corporation later spent a considerable sum on mending the sea defences and building a promenade from Harrison Drive to Leasowe Bay. Following further tribulations with the new landlords a fresh lease was agreed and a Limited Company formed in 1929. The future of the course was secured in 1986 when a 99 year lease was signed.

Of all the Wallasey Captains one name stands out above the rest. Dr Frank Stableford was Captain in 1933 and he persuaded the Council to run a competition with points awarded for a score instead of playing against the bogey (par) for the hole. On 16 May 1932 history was made when the first Stableford competition was played and the Wallasey members, after initial scepticism, greeted it with enthusiasm. Everyone played off scratch and added his handicap to the points scored but after the Autumn gales it was realised that if no-one scored any points the highest handicapper would win. The system was soon revised to the one still used today and for which amateur golfers throughout the world have reason to be grateful.

World War II found Wallasey in the front line with mine fields and anti-tank obstacles laid on the seaside fairways and anti-aircraft guns spread over the course. It was not until 1952 that the course was fully restored and the members allowed to benefit from the earlier works of James Braid and Fred Hawtree. Wallasey is used as a qualifying course when the Open is played at Hoylake to provide a stiff test of golf for the professionals.

As a founder member Wallasey has provided three Captains of the Society, Frederick Moore (1953/54), Donald Falconer (1971/72) and Huw Rowlands (2005/06).

 1891 R W Brown 
 1892 R W Brown 
 1893 J Cullen 
 1894 G C H Dunlop 
 1895 R Haigh 
 1896 R Stubbs 
 1897 Sir W M Banks 
 1898 G Jager 
 1899 R S Cleaver 
 1900 J H Clayton 
 1901 W H Wallace 
 1902 N A G Dowie 
 1903 J Heron 
 1904 T B Grimsdale 
 1905 S Castle 
 1906 R H Gossage 
 1907 G R Cox 
 1908 J Cameron 
 1909 R Goold 
 1910 S Deacon 
 1911 Sir E Evans 
 1912 Sir A G Jeans 
 1913 R Barber 
 1914 Sir A Bigland 
 1915 J Cameron 
 1916 J Cameron 
 1917 S Deacon 
 1918 Sir A G Jeans 
 1919 Sir A B Cauty 
 1920 Sir J Sandeman Allen 
 1921 G P Newbolt 
 1922 D MacIver 
 1923 W J H Renison 
 1924 Sir E B Royden 
 1925 W D Taylor 
 1926 Sir L A P Warner 
 1927 H E Wild 
 1928 C S Walker 
 1929 T T Rees 
 1930 J Boardman 
 1931 W Milligan 
 1932 T B Handley 
 1933 F B G Stableford 
 1934 Sir R E Kelly 
 1935 C H Newport 
 1936 F A Moore 
 1937 A C Crichton 
 1938 E Evans 
 1939 C W Hesketh 
 1940 C W Hesketh 
 1941 C W Hesketh 
 1942 C W Hesketh 
 1943 C W Hesketh 
 1944 C W Hesketh 
 1945 C W Hesketh 
 1946 T J Benjamin 
 1947 G J Swanwick 
 1948 L Barnish 
 1949 B T Hawkins 
 1950 A J PHelan 
 1951 W E J Warrell 
 1952 L H Fairbrother 
 1953 H Beggs 
 1954 W Cartwright 
 1955 J H Wensley 
 1956 A G Harrison 
 1957 A F Clarke 
 1958 H M Ellison 
 1959 R P Fletcher 
 1960 G D Falconer 
 1961 J A Taylor 
 1962 L J Fazackerley 
 1963 S Carter 
 1964 J P Davies 
 1965 W G Allen 
 1966 A C Tarbuck 
 1967 R Whalley 
 1968 F V Davies 
 1969 H C Reynolds 
 1970 C W Marsh 
 1971 W M C McKinley 
 1972 J M Smith 
 1973 L F Walton 
 1974 W G Petty 
 1975 D C Davies 
 1976 J Reynolds 
 1977 E W Hallwood 
 1978 J J Pierpoint 
 1979 D Ross 
 1980 N Rothwell 
 1981 F D Jeffries 
 1982 D Pearson 
 1983 E Hirst 
 1984 A G L Fazackerley 
 1985 D H Reade 
 1986 R J Eccleshall 
 1987 A D Jordan 
 1988 H E Rowlands 
 1989 J A Bott 
 1990 J T Thompson 
 1991 J V Davies 
 1992 W H Windsor 
 1993 J A Lane 
 1994 P W Quinn 
 1995 A R Potter 
 1996 E Roberts 
 1997 J A Connolly 
 1998 G E Avison 
 1999 K W Hailwood 
 2000 A M O'Callaghan 
 2001 J Williamson 
 2002 J T Courtney 
 2003 N W Bennett 
 2004 H L Jamieson 
 2005 A L Davies 
 2006 J A McCullagh 
 2007 B D Harry 
 2008 J Overend 
 2009 N W M Brierton 
 2010 P Andrews 
 2011 G Holcroft 
 2012 M G O'Callaghan 
 2013 W K Wylde 
 2014 T R Hill 
 2015 C Kerin 
 2016 P H Corvers 
 2017 P M Waters 
2018  P J Williams 
2019  S Phelan 


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