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West Lancashire Golf Club

Situated on the country’s largest dune complex, West Lancs is listed in the top ten oldest golf clubs in England and is second only in the Society to Royal Liverpool. This position of eminence ensures that the reigning Captains of both clubs have a busy year in office with the lion’s share of the speaking engagements. The Hoylake connection started with the formation of the club when seven members of Royal Liverpool met at the Seaforth Hotel on 17 June 1873. The 9 hole course that they laid out to the east of the railway line was on land owned by Colonel Blundell who accepted office as the first President. Mr Alexander Whytt, one of many Scotsmen who joined as founder members, was elected as the first Captain.

By 1880 a clubhouse had been built at a cost of £361 and the course extended to 18 holes. The clubhouse was expanded and refurbished over two storeys in 1893. David Lowe was appointed as the first professional to be followed in later years by two winners of the Open Championship, Sandy Herd and Arthur Havers. In 1894 the club took over the Warren on the seaward side of the railway and built 9 holes on each side of the track, linked by a bridge. Hall Road station had been built for the benefit of the club and neighbouring houses and the electri fication of the railway in 1904 provided good access from Liverpool and the Wirral. Apart from some reconstruction in 1921 the course remained unchanged for over 50 years.

The West Lancashire (Ladies) Golf Club was formed on 26 October 1891 playing on their own course on the seaward side of the railway, adjacent to the mens’ course. They had their own clubhouse and enjoyed a thriving membership including gentlemen as Associate members. The two courses co-existed happily until 1947 by which time they had both been ravaged by military occupation during the second World War and the effects of sand erosion. The ladies agreed to disband and amalgamate with the men which resulted in an 18 hole course for the mixed club operating entirely to the west of the railway.

Maintaining two clubhouses was proving to be expensive and plans were drawn up for a new concept style clubhouse to serve the mixed membership. Funded partly by the sale of unwanted sand, the construction started in March 1961 and the clubhouse was opened on 14 May 1962. Simultaneously, a new course was designed by G K Cotton to fully integrate the 18 holes on the seaward side of the railway and on 12 June 1961 the present course was opened. The land to the east of the railway was given back to the Blundell Estate in exchange for land to the west and the two former clubhouses were sold. A new 99 year lease was agreed thus securing the future of the course. The members now enjoy a course of Championship standards, regularly used as a qualifying venue when the Open is played at Royal Birkdale.

The history of golf at Blundellsands is commemorated in an excellent book written by Barry Coyne and dedicated to the City of Liverpool, European Capital of Culture 2008. As befits its long history and founder membership of the Society, West Lancs has produced many men who have achieved high office. G P Young (1954/55), Walter Nelson (1967/68) and Derek Vaux (1996/97) have all served as Society Captains and F Stanley Morris (1951/52) died in office having been Captain of West Lancs and of Formby. F C Marsh and Michael Taggart have served as President of the Lancashire Golf Union.

 1874  A H Whytt
 1875  A H Whytt
 1876  A Toddart
 1877  J Dun
 1878  H Staveley Taylor
 1879  R Galloway
 1880  W H Brook
 1881  J Ashcroft
 1882  R D Welch
 1883  G B Rodway
 1884  D Inglis
 1885  C C Deane
 1886  A Stewart
 1887  H Durandu
 1888  Sir W Mitchell Banks
 1889  J W Fowler
 1890  J Faircliugh
 1891  G R Cox
 1892  T R Job
 1893  C McLaren
 1894  A G Rankine
 1895  F W Cornelius
 1896  H E Clare
 1897  E Evans Jnr
 1898  W C Clark
 1899  W Rowlands
 1900  H J Chisolm
 1901  J E Pearson
 1902  F Harrison
 1903  T Shelmerdine
 1904  Sir B S Johnson
 1905  W K Fernie
 1906  H Cotterell
 1907  H C Woodward
 1908  W Gracie
 1909  C E Neild
 1910  W Buckley
 1911  G L Burton
 1912  F N Blundell
 1913  H A Scott Barratt
 1914  S R Weightman
 1915  J S Webster
 1916  J S Webster
 1917  S R Weightman
 1918  S R Weightman
 1919  S R Weightman
 1920  W G West
 1921  P J Taylor
 1922  J A Marsh
 1923  Sir R Connell
 1924  A D Mearns
 1925  W E Stacey
 1926  J E B Littlebury
 1927  F S Morris
 1928  E C Edgecombe
 1929  A G Gullan
 1930  J J Atkinson
 1931  H E Young
 1932  A E Frankland
 1933  T Purgold
 1934  A Gunnell
 1935  R O Edwards
 1936  G P Young
 1937  G Blackledge
 1938  E Allen
  1939   D Higson
  1940   D Higson
 1941   D Higson
 1942   D Higson
 1943   D Higson
 1944   D Higson
 1945   D Higson 
 1946  D Higson
1947  W L Nelson
1948  M R Telfer
1949  J B Roberts
1950  F C Marsh
1951  T B S Johnson
1952  R Wallace
1953  E S Burroughs
1954  S B McQueen
 1955  T B Roberts
 1956  B A Snodgrass
 1957  G Tomkinson
 1958  G Coker
 1959  T A Cawdy
 1960  A F Murphy
 1961  R T Dransfield
 1962  W L Nelson
 1963  D R Telfer
 1964  F M Reade
 1965  J A Banks
 1966  F D Robinson
 1967  D H Greene
 1968  W G Watson
 1969  P D Tomkinson
 1970  J S Cothliff
 1971  E L Ashton
 1972  A L Stevens
 1973  T B S Johnson
 1974  H G Williams
 1975  V K Summers
 1976  P R Papworth
 1977  G H Edington
 1978  A J Bathurst
 1979  P R Deyes
 1980  D A Bastow
 1981  G Edey
 1982  R F Tulley
 1983  R Sidlow
 1984  I H Morris-Jones
 1985  R Havard
 1986  D S Vaux
 1987  J M Taggart
 1988  G K B Dearlove
 1989  E A Jardine
 1990  B A Coyne
 1991  P J R Evans
 1992  R W Softley
 1993  K Howard
 1994  K Wilson
 1995  L C Coligan
 1996  C C H Barker
 1997  A E Birmingham
 1998  A R Metcalfe
 1999  R B Howarth
 2000  H C Tunnicliffe
 2001  B McCaul
 2002  A Kirby
 2003  G A Potter
 2004  J A Bambery
 2005  I A Duckett
 2006  Dr P S Rooney
 2007  M D Stone
 2008  U Pfeiffer
 2009  D K McDowell
 2010  P W Gee
 2011  J W Morris
 2012  D J Dunne
 2013  T E Dickinson
 2014  D W McDermott
 2015   N R Dalton
 2016  Dr A Sharma
 2017   I A Douglas
2018  Dr R P Howard
2019   J Brown

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