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The origin of Woolton Golf Club is traced to November 1900 when a group of Liverpool's leading citizens formed a liberal golf club whose membership would not be determined by colour, race or creed. This philosophy is demonstrated by the fact that by 1914 each of the Anglican, Jewish, Nonconformist and Roman Catholic faiths had been elected as Captain, following in the path of the first Captain of the club, Mr A P Eccles.

The name of Louis Samuel Cohen figures prominently in the early days and his initiative in buying 45 acres at Doe Park and renting it to the club provided the nucleus of the course as well as the clubhouse. In 1905 he generously cancelled a £6,000 mortgage deed following his year of Captaincy. He was also involved in 1906 when, according to legend, he "borrowed" the Saturday takings of Lewis's, the department store of which he was a director, to travel to London on the Monday morning to secure the purchase of the land to the north of Speke Road ahead of a competitor. This land enabled the club to operate 18 holes, including some fields rented from James Ashe. By 1923 the club had acquired the freehold of all of its land, including that of the historic clubhouse. The original building, Doe Park, was constructed as a private house in 1812 and was later extended under new owners in 1853 and 1866. It is not surprising that such an ancient building is expensive to maintain and a great deal of money has been spent by the club in adapting it for the use of the modern generation of golfers.

It is thought that the founders of the club had hoped to be able to extend the course in a southerly direction as far as the railway line at Hunts Cross but, sadly, this did not come to pass. Such an extension would have avoided the intrusion of Speke Road which has divided the course creating a potential hazard for members when crossing the road twice during a round. The club has also survived the threat of compulsory purchase for a road extension and discussed the possibility of relocating to a new site in Hale. After many hours of debate the decision was made to remain at Doe Park.

Woolton is rightly credited with the inspiration for the formation of our Society. On 18 June 1908 the Woolton Club entertained a group of Captains and Ex-Captains from other local clubs and the invitation was repeated in 1911 and again in 1912. The interruption of the First World War suspended all golfing activities until 1920 when Woolton again hosted the event. For a club that was only seven years old the hosting of the first Society competition was an act of confidence, inspired no doubt by the proliferation of new clubs that had been formed in the previous decade.

J F Clegg played a leading part in the development of the Society in the 1930s. A natural administrator, "Cleggie" had served Woolton as Hon Secretary, Captain (1922) and President and joined the Committee of the Society in 1930. He was immediately appointed Hon Secretary and held the position until 16 February 1939 when he was elected the first "Captain of Captains". Woolton has since provided two more Society Captains, Jack Abel (1966/67) and John Stoker (1992/93). Frank Fawcett was President of the English Golf Union in 1973 and has served as President of the Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs, an appointment also held by Paul Milne and Ken Johnson.

 1901 A P Eccles 
 1902 W W Goosage
 1903 A M Jackson 
 1904 L S Cohen 
 1905 T J McGeorge 
 1906 J W White 
 1907 J G Forster 
 1908 E Purgold 
 1909 N Gossage 
 1910 G Fitz-Brown 
 1911 S H Johnson 
 1912 W McKerrow 
 1913 H White 
 1914 F C Wilson 
 1915 J B Wilkie 
 1916 A G Dent 
 1917 A G Dent 
 1918 A G Dent 
 1919 D J W Orr
 1920 T S Wilson 
 1921 R D Cohen 
 1922 J F Clegg 
 1923 W R Davies 
 1924 G Harnden 
 1925 H J Davies 
 1926 Sir A Rushton 
 1927 H Bland 
 1928 P Priestly 
 1929 A E Noon 
 1930 J A Naylor 
 1931 R R Turnbull  
 1932 W Cunliffe 
 1933 J H Stoll 
 1934 G F Elsworth 
 1935 H W Thomson 
 1936 F Leech 
 1937 J H Troop  
 1938 W Fraser 
 1939 W Fraser  
 1940 W Fraser 
 1941 W Fraser  
 1942 J W Craig 
 1943 J W Craig  
 1944 J W Craig 
 1945 J W Craig 
 1946 K J Lyon 
 1947 W A J Parkinson 
 1948 W C Turner 
 1949 C S Freeman  
 1950 J K Abel 
 1951 A B Collins 
 1952 W M Inglis 
 1953 J P Jacobs 
 1954 F A Manners 
 1955 J C Sharp 
 1956 D D B Johnson 
 1957 T S Jones 
 1958 D D Allen 
 1959 N M Saul 
 1960 J Search 
 1961 A L Saul
 1962 A C Gilbert 
 1963 A Glynn Jones 
 1964 S B Levin 
 1965 F Fawcett 
 1966 A D McCready 
 1967 S J Reilly 
 1968 L Globe 
 1969 W L Dove 
 1970 W R Horn 
 1971 W D Corkish 
 1972 J Roberts 
 1973 H G A Almond 
 1974 A G Hirst 
 1975 K S Johnson 
 1976 C H Campbell 
 1977 J D Stoker 
 1978 F McNaughton 
 1979 F Powell 
 1980 R S Bangor-Jones 
 1981 R Webb 
 1982 W D Gregory 
 1983 J R Ingham 
 1984 G F I Wiggins 
 1985 J P Bevan 
 1986 J W R Matthews 
 1987 R B Ayers 
 1988 L A Stroud 
 1989 B E Case 
 1990 C S Sutton 
 1991 J O Lavelle 
 1992 W M Bickerstaffe 
 1993 J E Fischer 
 1994 A P Milne 
 1995 E G Kendall 
 1996 R Erskine 
 1997 L A Lippett 
 1998 D C Hughes 
 1999 D E Bell 
 2000 W C Batterton 
 2001 S G Bird 
 2002 A E Jenkins 
 2003 A G Connolly 
 2004 R T H Owen 
 2005 P Ellison 
 2006 D S Lindley 
 2007 M Furlong 
 2008 R J Little 
 2009 P H Mackay 
 2010 A J Blackburne 
 2011 P H Doyle 
 2012 J R Marsden 
 2013  S F Shotter 
 2014 D G McCann 
 2015 W T M Roberts 
 2016 G D Williams 
 2017  E D Willcox 
 2018 E D Willcox
 2019  P J Dunkley 

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