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Course Open
The Tom Wolfenden Trophy at the Autumn Meeting
1999 G J Mathieson Prenton
2000 B R Fouracre Gathurst
2001 A Crompton Haydock Park
2002 A Crompton Haydock Park
2003 A D Molyneux Grange Park
2004 F N Manley Dean Wood
2005 E A Kimpton Bromborough
2006 P H Blacoe Huyton & Prescot
2007 J M Cross Prenton
2008 M Robertson Bromborough
2009 P H Blacoe Huyton & Prescot
2010 A J Ravey Southport & Ainsdale
2011 J M Cross Prenton
2012  P Darch  Bromborough
2013   P Darch    Bromborough 
2014 C A Abbott    Bromborough 
2015  C A Abbott   Bromborough
2016  C A Abbott  Bromborough 
2017  P D Rogers  Heswall 
2018  D N Booth  Childwall 

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