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Robert J Carter

I am delighted to welcome visitors to the website of the Society of Liverpool Golf Captains.

The Society, which was founded in 1908, was originally a gathering of Captains from 16 local clubs of which my own club, Heswall Golf Club, was a founding member. With additions over the years the number of participating and member Clubs in the Society is now 27 from Southport in the north to the Wirral in the south with several Clubs east of the M6 Motorway. Two of our member Clubs host the Open Championship and several others are used for qualifying purposes.

There are over 700 individual members, current Captains and past Captains, in the Society and formal red coats are worn to certain club events and to the Society annual dinner held at a venue in Liverpool – a sea of red jackets giving a splendid sight.

I am proud to be elected as Captain of the Society for the forthcoming year.  Through our member clubs we aim to contribute towards the development of golf, particularly for the younger enthusiasts of this exceptional sport.  Many clubs have thriving youth development sections and the Society itself assists in providing financial assistance to the cost of young people’s golf in both Lancashire and Cheshire.

I would encourage anyone reading this introduction and who is interested to play golf in this exceptional region of first class golf courses and facilities to play some of our wide range of golf courses.  You will certainly not be disappointed and will receive a friendly welcome and a challenging round of golf wherever you choose to play. 

The Society of Liverpool Golf Captains exists to encourage the sport of golf, broaden its appeal to a wider audience and above all to encourage our young and talented players, some of whom will become professionals in due course.  I hope you enjoy accessing and using this website and helping to develop the bond of friendship which exists in our member clubs and in this Society. 

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