After being a member of our flourishing society for 22 years I have been given the privilege to become your Captain.

It is indeed a great honour and one that I take immense pride and will endeavor to uphold our traditions wherever I go. The society, started from small beginnings in 1908 by a band of dedicated golfers, to where we are now, a massive thriving society with nearly 650 members, again being managed by a small group of dedicated volunteers. I am sure that our founders would be amazed and delighted at the same time to see where we are now.

Our 3 major events, the Crowne Plaza Dinner, the annual golf competition, and the Autumn meeting are 3 of the largest, perhaps the largest golfing events organized by one society.

Our society gives us the opportunity to make new golfing friends at a great time in our lives, giving us wider horizons than we might otherwise achieve.

It is so good to be back to normal after such a long period of disruption caused by Covid 19. I am already making friends with the 2022 Captains and enjoying the company and hospitality of the year Captains at their Salver events. I am looking forward to being with many of you in Ireland in September.

I wish you all a great year, on and off the golf course enjoying the friendships that our great society opens to us.

Best wishes,
Andrew Barr
Captain, The Society of Liverpool Golf Captains 2022/23