The Liverpool Society of Golf Captains was formed in 1908 and the membership consists of Current Captains and Past Captains of 27 Golf Clubs in the Merseyside area. We have some wonderful Clubs/Courses within our area and are extremely lucky to include two of the Open Championship Courses, being Royal Liverpool and Royal Birkdale plus first class Qualifying Courses, where the 750 Society Members occasionally enjoy the experience of testing their ability/skill by playing where the Open Champion lifts the Claret Jug.

We are living in strange times due to the Covid pandemic since the beginning of 2020, which has resulted in the Society Captain and Club Captains in office at the outbreak being given the opportunity to continue for a further year, so they could experience and enjoy the full Golf and Dinner circuit, which normally forms part of their 12 month term. On behalf of the Society, I would like to offer sincere thanks to those who have continued and hope that they will enjoy a “Captain’s Year” experience.

My year started on June 10th when I was installed ”via Zoom” for which I claim ‘a first’. I am honoured to be the Society Captain for 2021/22 and thank the Past Captains for their faith in me. Be assured I will do my best to uphold the standards set by my predecessors and to maintain the traditions created over so many years. I hope to have the company of many of you during the coming 12 months at golf days along with the 3 day Autumn meeting which this year is in Ireland in September. Plus of course the Winter Club Dinner gatherings too……..Covid permitting.

I wish you all a very safe year, do take good care of yourselves and your families… Enjoy your golf but most of all the friendships which golf creates and brings into our lives.

Best wishes,
Charles Abbott,
Captain of the Society of Liverpool Golf Captains